Hu» rol (on slirrr year is here—wrap up the season with York, are very proud indeed to be a part. We are not frustrated artists nor completely inartistic businessmen; we like to believe we are an integral part in the business of using art and display ar rangements to bring to the attention of the American people the many fine ways of living and the useful products that will make existence easier, more satisfyingly full, and more stimulating. For the past twenty-nine years the Art Directors Club of New York has consecutively produced annuals of art such as this thirtieth volume. These annuals provide the only permanent, serious, continous history and, at the same time, forward-look ing documents of art-for-reproduction in the United States. This thirtieth edition, however, is not to be construed, in any sense, as a milestonethe club will produce the thirty-first edition, and so on into the misty values of the future. But this volume constitutes our customary annual bow to the artistic merit of American advertising; to the hundreds of excellent artists and art directors who have contributed so many fine pieces to its pages. R. S. Chenault. 39°

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