VQ ot casnmere fo&djrJli\l_ 1 CAN AN ADVERTISING MAN BE HAPPY? a little cash buys a a 8) Cover for the company magazine of the Western Electric Co. Art Director: Henry Hoyer. Award of distinctive merit. 9) Trade periodical advertisement recommending The New York Times as an advertising medium. Art Director: George Krikorian. 10) Illustration for a newspaper ad vertisement prepared by Seberhagen, Inc., for the Wm. Gretz Brewing Company. Art Directors: John Milligan and Don Watson. 11) Newspaper advertisement prepared by Doyle, Dane, Bernbach. Inc. for Ohrbach's, Inc., department store. Art Director: Robert Gage; artist: Joe de Casseres. Awarded the Art Directors Club medal. 12) Newspaper advertisement for Neiman-Marcus, department store. Art Director: Charles Gruen; artist: Merle Bassett. Award of distinctive merit. 13) Trade periodical advertisement for Columbia Broadcasting System. Art Director: William Golden. Award of distinctive merit. nm OF THE CFNTkm BEACH i'FKTl Can Von Alton} Many are. Very happy, in fact. Get that way from the results they enjoy front advertising in The New York Times. Which is why they've kept The Times top medium in their top market. For the past 31 years. More than ever today. NflU fjotk CittlfS Design EntwurJMaquette: 8) WALTER VAN BELLEN 9) RUDI BASS 10) JOHN MILLIGAN 11) ROBERT GAGE 12) CHARLES GRUEN 13) LOUIS DORFSMAN 392

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