OGbEN NASH METHOD AMERICAN BOOK JACKETS AM ERIKANI S CH E BUCH-SCHUTZUMSCHLAGE CHEMISES DE LIYRES AMÉRICAINES AMA/VUAhy George Salter [Deutschcr Text: Seitc 418] The illustrations of this article, except No. 22, are part of the Fourth Annual Exhibition of Book Jackets arranged by the book jacket designers guild and shown from May 22 to July 6, 1951, at A-D Gallery in New York, where all previous exhibitions had been on display. A-D Gallerythrough its affiliation with The Composing Room, is also responsible for the excellent typography of all four exhibition catalogs. Die Illustrationen zu diesem Artikel stammen von der 4. Jahresaus- stellung von Schutzumschlagen, die von der book jacket designers guild (Gilde der Schutzumschlag-Zeichner) vom 22. Mai bis 6. Juli 1951 in der A-D Gallery New York durchgeführt wurde. Les illustrations du présent article reproduisent des couvertures de livres ayant figuré a l'exposition organisée a New-York, a la A-D Gallerydu 22 mai au 6 juillet 1951, par la book jacket designers guild (Guilde des Dessinateurs de Couvertures de livres). [Texte frangais: page 421] THE MOST SIGNIFICANT SYMPTOM IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE book jacket in the United States during the past ten years is its consolidation as a definite form of graphic expression. This stabilization results from an increased acceptance of the book jacket functioning as a valid force in the promotion of books. The book jacket serves the same purpose in all countries in which it is used. From the time of its first known appearance, during the second quarter of the nineteenth century, to this day its original function has remained unchanged. Nothing has ever replaced the dust wrapper. The exploitation of the surface for promotional purposes is an added usage, the potential value of which was not recognized before the start of this century. Earlier, sporadic efforts made in that direction do not seem to have left a lasting impression on the various publishing trades.

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