O fp, m I For Jean Effel was incontestably, along with J. Sennep, the best and most popular political cartoonist in France for a number of years. And that he is malicious in this domain, and malicious even to the point of cruelty, will hardly be seriously questioned. Yet here too he is never deliberately malicious; he is inspired by the naive and unconscious malice of children, never giving way to mere petty spite, but relying at all times on the maxim: "Le ridicule tue." His Hitler, Mus solini and company were ridiculous, nothing more. But they were so ridiculous that it was the death of them There is little to be said about Jean EfFel the man which can not be gathered from his style as a cartoonist, except that in person he is if possible even more amiable than his drawings suggest; that his chief interests really are flowers, animals and children, and that he is a man of character who behaved ad- t\ mirably during the occupation of France. His success came early; he is now in his early forties, and his real name is Francois Lejeune. His pseudo nym is constructed from the initials of his real name (F. L. Effel), and the little marguerite that is to be found on almost all his drawings is a permanent compliment to his young wife, Mme. Marguerite Lejeune. 441

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