Distributed by: Sir Isaac Pitman Sons, Ltd., London W. C. 2 The Graphis Press, Zurich I George J. McLeod, Ltd., Toronto, 2-B Henry M. Snyder Co., New York 16 E I. I. E IC I I A C r D A H PUBLISHERS, NEW YORK 22 Each year since 1921 the Art Directors Club of New York has held a National Exhibition of Advertising and Edi torial Art which represents the outstanding achievements in this field. This Exhibition is recorded in book form as the Art Directors Annual, a permanent reference of graphic trends and a valuable collection of visual ideas and techniques, for the advertising and allied professions. In the latest edition, over 350 selections are included, chosen from over 8,000 entries by a jury comprised of the entire membership of the Art Directors Club. It includes magazine, newspaper and trade periodical advertising with general, product, fashion and humorous illustration, small ads, booklets and direct mail, posters, house organs, and editorial art, as well as television commercials and title slides. The high standard of layout and production has been maintained by its designer, Ladislav Sutnar. 330 pages, 8" X II'; more than 350 illustrations, 16 in full color, 10.00

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