Amongst the finest in Europe w ROLEX Swiss Officially Certified Chronometers 4 THE ROLEX WATCH COMPANY LIMITED, GENEVA and THE AMERICAN ROLEX WATCH CORP., 580 FIFTH AVENUE, NEW YORK Harrison's Ships' Chrono meter. A still from the Story of Time, the technicolor film epic of man's achievements in time meas urement, now showing all over the world. Sponsored by Rolex, with music specially written by Guy Warrack, and played by the London Symphony Orchestra. FREE! Blueprint of Supremacy. The fascinating exposé of some of the secrets that make Rolex one of the finest watches in the world. For your free copy, write to the Rolex Watch Co., Ltd., Geneva, Switzerland. Europe, ancient seat of learning and craftsman ship, claims many great products and, as great as any, fine Swiss watches. And when you think of those superb productions the name of Rolex follows automatically. Take, for instance, the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust. First—completely waterproof, thanks to the patented Oyster case. Designed exclu- A summary of all that Rolex have achieved, the Oyster Perpetual Datejust is surely a watch without peer waterproof, self-winding, automatically showing the date. This Datejust carries the Rolex Red Seal, the proud symbol of the cream of the Rolex production. Any watch that carries it has passed the tests of the Official Testing Station of the Swiss Government, and has been awarded its own Official Timing Certificate. sively by Rolex, the Oyster case was the first, and is still the foremost, waterproof case in the world. And it's not just for the benefit of swim mers, of coursethat exquisite Rolex movement demands protection from all enemies, dust and damp and perspiration as well as water. The Oyster case sees it gets it. Secondly—self-winding. The Perpetual Rolex mechanism, working on a prin ciple proved foolproof over 20 years, means that the watch, if worn for 6 hours daily, will never need winding. And that's not just to save you trouble. A self-winding watch is generally more accurate than ordinary watchesthe tension on the mainspring is much more even, much more constant, so the watch keeps its amazing ac curacy all the time. Thirdlydate-recording. Silently, almost mi raculously, the figure in the tiny square changes every other time the hands point to twelve o'clock Another Rolex advancement; another step in the history of watch-making. Lastly it's an officially Certified chronome ter. It has passed the stringent tests applied by impartial Swiss Government scientists, and has been awarded an Official Timing Certificate. There is a Rolex agent in most of the prin cipal cities in the world why not see what he has to offer?

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