feyjö*1 ïmiJPM1 PHARMACEUTICAL ADVERTISING DESIGN PHARMAZEUTISCHE WERBEGRAPHIK PUBLICITÉ POUR PRODUITS P H A R M A C E U TI Q U E S Victor Tras off [Deutscher Text: 208] The function of pharmaceutical advertising design is fundamentally to convey an educational message relating to the treatment of people with drugs. In this sense it is, like copy, a medium for lodging an idea in the mind of a technical specialist, the practising physician. Everything that design does that advances the message to be carried makes for good pharmaceutical advertising art. Everything that design does which detracts from the message or calls too much attention to itself makes for bad pharmaceutical advertising art. [Texte frangais: page 221] The years since the war have seen a tremendous growth in the field of medicine. This has become the golden era of antibiotics and metabolic agents, the fulfilment of the dreams of Ehrlich and Pasteur. As the industry has grown, so have the demands made upon the pharmaceutical art designer and so have his opportunities. And as these have grown, so has the competition. Today the average physician in America receives over fifty pieces of mail per week. In this perspective it becomes evident that the designer

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