JEANNE FRANCO GRIGNANI >1 c'wia'u Cardioritmon 1) Cover of the magazine whose title is translated the "Beauty of Italy/' featuring the music for a patriotic song and the Italian flag. The magazine is published by Dompé pharmaceuticals as their house organ. 2) 5) 6) Examples of advertisements, ap pearing in the Dompé house organ, in each of which an attempt is made to give graphic expression to the text (e. g. fig. 6 dealing with balanced diet for the stomach). 3) Ad vertisement for Bemberg lingerie. 4) Show-card for raincoats. 1) Umschlag der Hauszeitschrift Belleiga d'Italia (Schönheit Italiens), herausgegeben von einer Fabrik pharmazeutischer Produkte. -2) 5) 6) Beispiele von Inseraten für die Fabrik pharmazeutischer Produkte Dompé in Mailand, wie sie in ihrer Hauszeitschrift erscheinen. Grignani vcrsucht, jeweils zu jedem Text die entsprechende graphischc Ausdrucksform zu finden so z. B. drückt das Beispiel Nr. 6 die Idee der ausbalancierten Diat bei Darmkrankheitcn aus. 3) Zweifarbige, ganzseitige Inserate für Be/ttberg-W&sche. 4) Innenplakat für Regenmantel. 1) Couverture de la revue Bellezga d'Italia (Beauté d'Italie), pu- bliée par la firme de produits pharmaceutiques Dompé, Milan. 2) 5) 6) Exemples d'annonces pour la firme de produits phar maceutiques Dompé, Milan, publiées dans sa propre revue d'entreprise. Grignani s'efforce de trouver a chaque fois l'ex- pression graphique convenant au texte (ainsi, par exemple, dans le No 6, il s'agit d'un régime pour assurer le parfait équilibre de l'intestin 3) Annonces en deux couleurs sur page entière pour la lingerie Bemberg. 4) Affichette pour imperméables. Antonio Boggeri: [Deutscher Text465] [Texte francais466] To compare J. and F. Grignani with other famous artist couples would be interesting only if something more defi nite were known about their method of working. For my own part, however, I should be at a loss to say by what system of collaboration their finished designs are really produced; and though I have known them for many years, I have never pried very deeply into a secret which has seemed to me of little im portance to those who are primarily interested in the results. Jeanne and Franco Grignani are husband and wife, and it may be that in their work they quarrel and make up like any other mortal couple. But the facts behind their artistic rela- II vero segrelo dellVleganca? Biancheria in irvMito indrmagliabiie Be ra berg. I* donu modern* trova eouiorto r gioia tiellt- eonfezioni I'rrolari per una qualitativa inodu P Indoatria Teasile Bergamo via G. Puglio 13 lei. 4845 I 462

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