ROLEX "My watch is my constant companion says PAT SMYTHE the world's leading woman show-jumper whose lovely Rolex chronometer is among her most valued prizes. A landmark in the history of Time measurement yy Show-jumping is not so effortless as the experts make it look, so a watch has to be pretty tough to take it in its stride. That's why Pat Smythe is so pleased with her lovely Rolex Oyster Perpetual. She says: "I wear it all the time, and as for worry ing about it when I jump, I never give it a thought. I wondered at first whether it could stand up to the jarring and the falls, but they don't harm it at all. "I've worn it sailing, where it often gets wet. I've worn it ski-ing, where it gets cov ered in snow, and I've worn it in 30° of frost, as well as in the heat and dust of the Sahara desert. Nothing seems to affect it; it just goes on keeping perfect timeand winding itself, which means there's one thing less to remember. "I'm delighted with my beautiful Oyster Perpetual and it's my constant companion." The ladies' Oyster Perpetual is ideal for women who lead busy and active lives. It is so lovely to look at, and yet, whatever you doride, sail, ski, swimit will come to no harm. Its 100% dustproof and water proof Oyster case protects it from all ex terior harm. And thanks to the rotor self winding mechanism it cannot stop because you have forgotten to wind it up; for it winds itself every moment you wear it. It has a chronometer movement that as sures unrivalled accuracy. Tested through out 15 days at one of the Swiss Institutes for Official Timekeeping Tests, it has been awarded an Official Timing Certificate with the covered title of Chronometer. Rolex who were the first ever to produce an attested chronometer for ladies have produced twice as many Officially Certi fied Chronometers as all other Swiss watch w THE LADIES' ROLEX OYSTER PERPETUAL This is the lovely watch worn hyPat Smythe. Waterproof in its Oyster case, self-wound by the Rolex Perpetual Rotor, it is both accurate and elegant. THE ROLEX WATCH COMPANY LIMITED (H.Wilsdorf, Founder and Chairman) GENEVA, SWITZERLAND, and 1 GREEN STREET, MAYFAIR, LONDON, W. 1and THE AMERICAN ROLEX WATCH CORPORATION, 580 FIFTH AVENUE, NEW YORK; and THE ROLEX WATCH COMPANY OF CANADA LTD., VICTORY BUILDING, TORONTO. Photograph reproduced by the courtesy of Miss Pat Smythe, O.B.E., and the British Equestrian Fund. manufacturers combined Rolex invented the firstand bestwaterproof watch-case (the famous Oyster), and perfected the finest system of self-winding (the rotor mechanism). Ask your Rolex jeweller to show you some of the exquisite Rolex women's watches he has in stock. 480

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