DICK ELFFERS 9) Huile. - 10) 15) Deux lithographies originales tirées chez De Jong, Hilversum, et faisant partie d'une série d'impressions Pigmento. Les couleurs dominantes, rouge, bleu et jaune vert, sont encore accentuées par les intenses contours noiratres. 11) Fontaine de céramique polychrome dans le jardin d'une fabrique de spiritueux. 12) Lithographie originalc en couleur, 46 x 76 cm. 13) Double page d'un prospectus de l'imprimerie Boom-Ruygrock. 14) Page d'un livre pour enfants édité a titre de présent par l'imprimerie Meijer, a Wormerveer. The art and spiritual attitude of Dick Elffers derive from Expres sionism; he is in constant revolt against society, which either in spite of this, or on account of it, accepts and makes the most of his abilities. On the surface it may seem that the artist and those using his talents are poles apart; but in fact the distance between the two is bridged. Dick Elffers is a hard-headed rebel, but also a realist. One of the most knowledgeable practitioners of print, his command of multiplying pro cesses ensures perfection of the printed product. Though it must be difficult at first for some of his clients to understand his conception, as invariably he projects himself, they appreciate and value the end-result which he achieves for their benefit. In Elffers' hands, printers are a tool, and his close co-operation with them has brought high credit to both parties. Expressionism is an uprising against every form of tie. It is not surprising, therefore, that in spite of all the well-earned success which has come his way in the field of applied graphic art, Dick Elffers wishes above all to proclaim his independence as a painter in his own right. 499

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