Advertising by Inference Ein Fall indirekter Werbung Un exemple de publicité indirecte •h;«. Georgine Oeri: great ideas of western man The Container Corporation of America seven years ago launched a series of colour advertisements (13 each year) under the title Great Ideas of Western Man. Great care was first given to choosing the right artist for each 'Idea': he was then encouraged to interpret and to work in his own way. Some of the results of this enlightened direction can be seen in the examples shown here. The advertising agency responsible for the series is N.W. Ayer Son, Inc. (See also graphis 30.) Editor Die Container Corporation of America, eine Grossfirma der Verpackungsindustrie, publiziert seit 1950 jahrlich 13 ganzseitige farbige Inserate in amerikanischen Zeit- schriften mit nationaler Verbreitung. Sie erscheinen unter dem gemeinsamen Titel Grosse Ideen des westlichen Menschen«. Fiir jede dieser »Ideen« wird ein nam- hafter Künstler bestimmt, dem dann in der Gestaltung der Seite völlig freie Hand gelassen wird. Wir zeigen hier einige Beispiele aus dieser originellen Serie und ver- weisen im übrigen auf den früher erschienenen Artikel in graphis 30. Redaktion La Container Corporation of America, vaste entreprise américaine spécialisée dans les emballages, publie chaque année depuis 1950 treize annonces en couleur sur page entière, qui paraissent dans des périodiques américains de diffusion nationale. Leur titre général est: «Les grandes idéés de l'homme occidental». Pour chacune de ces «idéés» Pon choisit un artiste de renom a qui toute liberté est laissée quant au traite- ment de l'annonce. Nous reproduisons ici quelques exemples de cette série hautement originale et rappelons en même temps Partiele dé ja paru sur le même sujet dans le no 30 de graphis. Rêdaction [Deutsch: Seite 508] /-pi he only clue to the kind of business done by the company JL presenting this series of advertisements and to the product it sells, is the small graph, inconspicuous and marginal, of an unfolding box, alongside the name container corporation OF AMERICA. The basic problem that confronted this company is of in terest beyond the particular case. How does one arouse in terestwith the general publicin a product which is only interesting inasmuch as it is a wrapping, coating, protection for something else, for the product which is contained in it? A container is the thing one destroys, or that one takes for granted for the sake of what it contains. How does one draw attention to something which is the better the less attention it attracts? In order to reach the interest of a wider public the emphasis had to be shifted from the kind and quality of the product to the quality and performance of the producing company without falling into the trap of self-glorification. An unortho dox idea, the resourcefulness, imagination and excellence with 2

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