5°5 Graat Idaas of W ,/stus >.yvU that inseparably belong to citizens by nght. These are: III as the right of every citizen to which he has given his consent or approval: |J| as the right of the citizen to recognize no one as a superior among the people in relation and 13 Container Corporation of America Artists I Künst/er Artistes: 1) HERBERT BAYER 2) HERBERT MATTER 3) 3a) RICHARD LINDNER 4) MAX BILL Art director Directeur artistique: 2) 4) LEON KARP 1) Ralph Waldo Emerson on a civilised nation 2) Abraham Lincoln's Message to Congress, 1861 3) 3a) Complete advertisement and detail: Spinoza on freedom under law 4) Immanuel Kant on citizenship 1) Ralph Waldo Emerson iiber eine zivilisierte Nation 2) Abraham Lincolns Botschaft an den Kongress, 1861 3) 3a) Ganzes Inserat und Detail: Spinoza iiber die Freiheit unter dem Gesetz 4) Emmanuel Kant iiber das Biirgertum 1) Ralph Waldo Emerson sur une nation civilisée 2) Le Message au Congres d'Abraham Lincoln, 1861 3) 3a) Annonce enticre et detail Spinoza sur la liberté dans la légalité 4) Emmanuel Kant sur la qualité de citoyen

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