Artists I K üns I Ier Artistes: 5) 5a) BEN SHAHN 6) SAUL BASS 7) HONORÉ SHARRER 8) 8a) RICHARD LINDNER 9) LEMUEL B. LINE 10) FELIKS TOPOLSKI which it would be translated into visual terms had to imply that those same characteristics were of the kind wi| which the company could be identified. The formula adopted was bold enough, and resulted in the Great Ide series. With 'great ideas' in design and in thought one referred, by implication, to 'great ideas' in package desigj It would be hard to find any other advertising campaign material of comparable dimensions showing a similj record of consistent artistic distinction. It is indeed because of the high standards in the contemporary desif field, because of the great number of designers of originality, taste and integrity available that an advertisir. campaign under the heading of Great Ideas of Western Man could be successfully undertaken. No one stateme selected from the Encyclopaedia Britannica's 'Great Books of the Western World', if presented in bad tast' 5) 5a) Complete advertisement and illustration 'Voting Booths': John Locke on the purpose oj government. 6) John Stuart Mill on the pursuit oj truth. 7) Horace Mann on the nature of education. 8) 8a) Illustration and complete advertise ment Immanuel Kant, from the Critique of Practical Reason. 9) Montesquieu on the duty of a citizen. 10) Alexis de Tocqueville on the goals of equality. 5) 5a) Ganzes Inserat und Illustration: John Locke über das Ziel der Regierung. 6) John St. Mill iiber dasStrehen nach Wahrheit. 7) Horace Mann iiber das Wesen der Ersjehung. 8) 8a) Illustration und ganzes Inserat: Emmanuel Kant, aus der Kritik der reinen Vernunft. 9) Montesquieu iiber die Biirgerpflichten. 10) A. de Tocqueville iiber das Zieder Gleichheit. 5) 5a) Annonce enticre et illustration: J ohn Locke stir le but du gouvernement 6) John St. Mill sur Vaspiration a la vérité. 7) Horace Mann sur Vessence de Peducation. 8) 8a) Illustration et annonce entière: Passage de la Critique de la Raison pure d'Emmanuel Kant. 9) Montesquieu sur les devoirs du citoyen. 10) A. de Tocqueville sur les buts de l'égalité. Art directors Directeurs artistiques: 5) 7) 8) 10) LEON KARP 9) WALTER REINSEL S. N. FUJITA 506

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