EARLY DAYS OF PACKAGE DESIGN AUS DER FRÜHZEIT DER PACKUNG LES PREMIÈRES FORMES DE L'EM BALL AGE The illustrations shown in this article are from an unusualperhaps uniquecollection of about 200 photographs of packs from the 17th century up to 1914, formed by the author over the last twenty years. Editor Die Abbildungen unseres Artikels stammen aus der einzigartigen Kollektion von etwa 200 Photographien alter Packungen vom iy.Jahr- hundert bis 1914, die der Autor im Laufe der letzten 20 Jahre gesammelt hat. Redaktion o Les illustrations de cet article ont été extraites d'une collection probablement unique: au cours des vingt dernières années, l'auteur a rassemblé quelques 200 photographies d'emballages datant du XVIIe siècle a 1914. Redaction Alec Davis: [Deutscher Text: Seite 517] [Texte francais: page 519] he history of containers goes a long way back in the history of man. Nature con JL veniently provided him with gourds and bladders and big leavesand man soon learnet to make containers for himselfin wood and earthenware and glass. This can be called the pre-history of packaging. Its true history began much later, whei man the trader marked the containers for his wares with some name or badge or symbo that was recognisably his. In our civilisation, probably the first packagesin this sense- were the wrappers in which, from the mid-sixteenth century onwards, German papermaker packed their products. Many wrappers used in England two centuries later were not dissimilar in appearanc (see fig. 22), though the development of copper and steel plate engraving brought a refine; n ment of detail (28,31) which would have been impracticable if not impossible with woodcut;, oc By the end of the eighteenth century, the 'nation of shopkeepers' was already usin 514

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