The Museum of Primitive Art, New York Robert Goldwater Museums of ethnology and natural history have for long shown the indigenous arts of the Americas, Africa and Oceania and of the early phases of the civilizatior s of Asia and Europe, but primarily to document their studies of these cultures. It is the purpose of the new Museum of Primitive Art to supplement their achievement from the aesthetic point of view. We are grateful to the Museum for the considerable help given in the preparation of this article. Editor Schon immer fanden sich in ethnologischen und naturwissenschaftlichen Museen u. a. auch Beispiele der Eingeborenenkunst Amerikas, Afrikas, Ozeaniens und aus den zivilisatorischen Anfangen Asiens und Europas. Wahrend sie dort aber vor- wiegend Studienzwecken dienten, will das neugegründete Museum of Primitive Art in New York das Gebiet der Eingeborenenkunst vom asthetischen Gesichtspunkt aus erforschen. Redaktion Si les musécs d'ethnologie et d'histoire naturelle ont depuis longtemps attiré 1'attention sur l'art indigène des continents américain, africain et de l'Océanie, ainsi que sur les civilisations primitives d'Europe et d'Asie, ils l'ont fait avant tout dans un but d'étude et de recherche. Le Musée de l'art primitif de New York s'efforce de faire ressortir le cóté esthétique de ses découvertes. Rédaction The appreciation of the arts of 'primitive' peoples has come a long way in a short time. In isolated instances it can be traced back to the Renaissance, and the historical conscious ness of the Enlightenment and the nineteenth century, explor ing in both time and space, gave it much further impetus. But the 'primitive' arts have been widely recognized in the last half century only, and more strikingly within the last twenty-five years. Today they have become an integral part of the universe of the arts which our curiosity has captured for us, and one of the chief delights in that feast of visual pleasures which our aesthetic open-mindedness (whose relativ ist attitude some still deplore) has made accessible to us all. The arts of the indigenous peoples of the world range all the way from the monumental sculpture of the Aztecs to the minia- [Deutscher Text: Scite 532) [Texte frangais: page 534]

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