PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHERS BEWAHRTE PHOTOGRAPHEN PHO TO GRAP HES QUALIFIES Only when your photographic work is in the hands of a responsible professional can you be sure it will be effective. To help you in choosing your collaborators, established photographers from various specialisedfields are presented in these pages in each issue. Gewdhr für eine saubere Lösung photogra- phischer Aufgaben bietet nur der verantwor- tungsbewusste Fachmann. Tiichtige Photo- graphen der verschiedenen Speffalgebiete stellen sich hier als Ihre vertrauenswürdigen Mitarbeiter vor. Seul, le bon photographe professionnel off re une garantie quant a 1'excellence et a Teffi- cacité de vos photos. Soucieux de vous aider dans le choix de vos collaborateursdes praticiens de la caméra dignes de toute con- fiance se présentent ici a voire attention. GRAPHIS 74 I957 ALE X EJ RUEGGER Fotoatelier für Werbe- und Farbaufnahnien ZURICH 32 JUPITERSTR. 47 TEL. (05 i) 24 IO 17 HANS HINZ Farbfoto BASEL EISENGASSE IO TEL. (o6l) 229953 PETER TRÜB Schwarz-weiss- und Farbfotos ZURICH 32 FREIESTR. 17 TEL. (051) 34304I F. GUNIAT Die Foto im Dienst von Reklame und Mode ZURICH STADELHOFERSTR. 28 TEL. 34 84 11 Penrose annual 51. hditedby R.B. Fishenden. Lund HumphriesLondon. - It would be recommendation enough to say that the mixture is as before, so giving assurance of another impeccably produced, well-balanced selection of articles of both artistic and technical interest for all concerned in the graphic arts. It is not quite as before: to articles on AGI, Influence of Reproductive Techniques on Book Illustration, a number of photographic articles, Street Lettering, Czechoslovakian Graphic Arts - to mention only a few of the non-technical ones - is added Beatrice Warde's 'In Memoriam Richard Bertram Fishenden, 1880-1956'. This would have been the fiftieth volume of this sage and many-sided editor who died while the book was in preparation. AMERICAN painting today. Edited by N. Pousette- DartHastings House New York. - A showing of 155 paintings by as many artists that shies from the conflict of categories and ranges from realism to pure ab straction, justifying the belief of one artist that 'all good painting in the United States has its roots in nature and is abstracted'. The inclusion of a lithograph suggests that the division between the different technical media of expression is also disappearing. The reproductions are intersperced with the personal credos of individual artists, indicating a sincere and serious attitude perhaps best expressed by Ozenfant once: 'When J.S. Bach plays the organ, God goes to the mass.' exhibitions and displays by Lrberto Carboni, published by Silvana, Milan. - In an interesting introduction, Herbert Bayer points out that Carboni's 'first target at the beginning of an exhibition design is the organization of the subject, following by the organization of the design. When these pri maries are sufficiently solved, phantasy and imagination come into play'. Nearly 600 illustrations show the results of so sound an approach to dis play, and make this a most useful and interesting book. art directing. Edited by Nathaniel Pousette-Dart. Hastings House, New York. S if. - Nearly seventy contributors tell how the past 40 years have brought into existence the Art Director, how he works in all the many fields of his influence and activities, his training, opportunities, challenges. While so many contributors may have been necessary to provide this en compassing picture, the book has unfortunately been broken into the hands of twelve designers, each of whom has separately striven to such effect that the text must be found and followed in spite of these assertive presentations. Nevertheless the book is of importance as the first survey of Art Directing and will be of particular interest to those who aspire to the profession. modern publicity 27. Edited by Frank A. Mercer. 1 he Studio, London New York. 42 s. - A review of the year's advertising art showing 1000 examples. The editor provides a lively commentary on the specimens from 561

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