Recent Polish Posters barroco bra sill Neue polnische Plakate Affiches polonaises 1 I Manuel Gasser iV Since 1945 Polish poster art has developed a highly individual style, and it was clear from the article devoted to it in Grap his 88 for March/April i960 that Poland now holds one of the leading places in the international poster field. The new examples of Polish posters reproduced here deepen the impression then made and prove that the younger artists as well as the masters of the old school are deter mined to keep their laurels fresh by renewing and varying the subjects and tech niques with which they scored their first successes. The admiration which these vital, daring and original productions deserve, however, should not blind us to the fact that their virtues are not due only to the zeal and talent of Poland's artists, but in some degree also to the special and even unique conditions under which they are conceived. The big difference between the Polish poster and that of Western European countries is clearly illustrated by the fact that only nine of the 42 posters shown here are devoted to social, political, industrial, touristic or sporting subjects. The remaining 3 3 deal with the cultural scene theatre and film performances, art exhib itions and the like. The ratio of 9 3 3 is not the result of chance or of a biased choice. The only monograph on the Polish poster so far published, that by Jósef Mrosz- czak, gives the cultural poster an even clearer precedence, 251 of the total of 300 examples used being dedicated to theatre, film and exhibition, while only a single one advertises consumer goods. 6 1 Artists I KUnstler Artistes 1) Waldemar Swierzy 2) Stanislaw Zagorski 3) Roman Cieslewicz 4) Stanislaw Zagorski 5) Tadeusz Jodlowski 6) Waldemar Swierzy 7) Wojciech Zamecznik 8) Waldemar Swierzy 9) Waldemar Swierzy [Deutscher Text: Seitc 53] [Texte frangais: page 54] I II

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