Francoise Pochon DREAM WORLDS AND MAGIC GARDENS IN WOODCUTS AND COLLAGES FrancoisT Pochon, bom in Lausanne in 1930, studied at the cantonal art schjl in that city. Her chosen media are the woodcut and the collage, and she has a passa for books, to which she has restored some of the rarity value of the incunab; She produces either single copies of her works or at most runs of twenty, which prints by hand. Franpoise Pochon, who is married and mother of two children, H? lives in Geneva. Editor Being struck each day by the beauty of visual objects and everycV events a plate, a loaf of bread, a fruit, the cutting of vegetables, i cloudy movement of milk poured into a cup of tea, the silent and difl entiated currents that flow between two glances, the alternation of Ai and nightand these wonderful five senses, five breaches in the vl of China that permit a dialogue with the outside world, I should like,) succeed in magnifying and transmitting these astonishments, thp emotions...These are the words of Frangoise Pochon herself in a let about her work. They are a confession of faith. Of faith in the worlci general, in its beauty, which resides in the commonest things for thk who have eyes to see it. Franpoise Pochon shares this attitude to 2 with Robert Rauschenberg, who finds nothing ugly on earth. Yet i artistic productions reflect her appreciation of everyday beauties liti very different way from those of the American, who is often cited as 2 initiator of pop art. Frangoise Pochon, now living in Geneva, has ford her own idiom in which to give pictorial expression to her thoug's and feelings about the real world. She dreams about it in curious ima s that lie somewhere between primitive and surrealist painting. '2 writes and draws picture-books for adults in which a knowledge of e is mysteriously blended with its spontaneous acceptance. The text :d illustrations of the books form an indivisible whole. [Continued on Erika Billeter 1) Double spread from the children's book Anne Ooh with collage illustrations and text by Frangoise Pochon. 2) 3) Two full-page woodcut illustrations (original size) from a hand-written book, La vue, illustrated with 38 woodcuts and printed on Japan paper. 1) Doppelseite aus dem Kinderbuch Anne Ooh mit Collage-Illustrationen und Text von Frangoise Pochon. Benteli Verlag, Bern. 2) 3) Zwei ganzseitige Holzschnittillustrationen (Originalgrösse) aus einem hand- geschriebenen Büchlein, La vue, illustriert mit 38 Holzschnitten, auf Japanpapier. 1) Double page du livre d'enfants Anne Ooh avec des illustrations en collage et texte de Frangoise Pochon. Editions Benteli, Berne. 2) 3) Deux illustrations imprimées a la main (grandeur originale) et tirées d'un petit livre manuscrit, La vue, illustré de 38 gravures sur bois, sur papier japon.

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