14 13) 14) Illustration and double-spread magazine advert wbi: on from a series for Elbeo stockings. (Britain) 15) 16) Magazine advertisement for Plasmon baby foodWI /dec its illustration. (Italy) 13) 14) Farbige Illustration und doppelseitiges Zeitschi|JËiflS serat aus einer Serie für Elbeo Strümpfe. (England) 15) 16) Ganzseitiges Zeitschrifteninserat und Illustratteuill Kindernahrung. (Italien) 13) 14) Illustration et annonce de revues sur double pag nf olduo d'une série pour les bas Elbeo. (Grande-Bretagne) 15) 16) Annonce de revues et son illustration, en faveur k sdwfcfta ments pour nourissons Plasmon. (Italie) Photographers Photographen Photographes 13) 14) MELVIN GREY 15) 16) LESTER BOOKBINDER Designers Gestalter Maquettistes 13) 14) ANTHONY ECKERSLEY 15) 16) EMILIANO CASALEGNO Art Directors Directeurs artistiques: 13) 14) GORDON BARBER 15) 16) HORST BLACHIAN Agencies Agenturen Agences: 13) 14) W.S.CRAWFORD LTD., LONDON 15) 16) YOUNG RUBICAM ITALIA S.P.A., MILANO So you think liiltm we're crooks mms ELBEO luck or an accident of timing. The famous photograph of the 'Hindenburg' exploding is unfor gettable not because of its photographic merit, but because of the catastrophe it recorded. The second kind of great photograph is the one we are concerned with in our work and in the pages of Photographis. It is the photograph which represents the end result of many choices taken by the photographer. The fact that this end resultif it is greatoften looks simple and inevitable is no proof that good photography is simple. Just the contrary. Who hasn't walked out of the museum after looking at Matisse nudes and felt that if he could only get a good model just then, he could produce a good nude on paper? I'd like to try one generalization here which may or may not stand upfor a photograph to be great, the photographer himself has to be part of the picture. I mean by this that the more of him self, his views, his prejudices, his nostalgia, his love life, his background shows through, and the more the photographer is committed, the more the picture will have a chance of being unique and beautiful. As all good novels, so all great photographs must be partly autobiographical; a photo graph from which one gets no image of the photographer is a failure, even if it is a commercial still-life; even if the bridge back to the artist is only the quality of the light around the glass of soda water he was assigned to photograph. I Ha mille modi di cercarvi e farsi amare. Ls ia vivacita un segno meraviglioso. State dav o facendo di tutto per lui. Lo iniziate bene alk t; nutrendolo con gli omogeneizzati al Plasm 42

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