ALLIANCE GRAPHIQUE INTERNATIONAL: A G I RETROSPECTIVE SHOW IN NEWYORK The work of the many eminent graphic artists united in the Alliance Graphique Internationale (AGI) was presented to the American public for the first time at close quarters when the AGI retrospective exhibition opened in the American Institute of Graphic Arts, New York, in November 1966. Work covering the period 1924-1966 was there displayed on a continuous wall of corrugated board, while on the perimeter of the exhibition area self-portraits of the participating artists replaced the usual photographs. The President of the AGI here gives us his com ments on the show. Editor AGI RETROSPEKTIVE IN NEW YORK 1967 Die Arbeiten der zahlreichen hervorragenden Graphiker, die in der Alliance Graphique Internationale (AGI) zusammengeschlos- sen sind, wurden dem amerikanischen Publikum im November 1966 zum ersten Mai an der AGI-Retrospektive im American Institute of Graphic Arts, New York, vorgestellt. An einer end- losen Wand aus stabilem Wellkarton waren Arbeiten aus den Jahren 1924-1966 zu sehen. Die den Ausstellungsraumen ent- lang gezeigten Selbstbildnisse der vertretenen Künstler ersetzten die sonst üblichen Photographien. Der President der AGI gibt hier seinen Kommentar zur Ausstellung. Redaktion RETROSPECTIVE AGI A NEW YORK L'ceuvre des nombreux et éminents artistes graphiques mem bres de 1'Alliance Graphique Internationale (AGI) a été présentée pour la première fois au public américain lors de 1'exposition rétrospective AGI qui a ouvert ses portes a 1'American Institute of Graphic Arts de New York, en novembre 1966. Les spéci- mens de la période 1924-1966 couvraient un mur unique en carton ondulé, tandis que sur le périmètre de la salie d'exposition des autoportraits des artistes participants remplagaient les habi- tuelles photographies. Le président de l'AGI commente ici l'ex- position. Redaction 2 F. K.H.Henrion [Deutscher Text: Seite 73] [Texte francais: page 74] aQ 66 Although the work of the distinguished graphic designers who belong to the AG s k! course well enough known in the United States, Americans had not had the oppc wo ity to review it at first hand till a retrospective exhibition opened in the American Inr 111 of Graphic Arts and the Lincoln Center, New York, in autumn 1966. The prised and impressed the public for several reasons. The arresting poster and pJtfcitV matter for it were designed by that past master, Milton Glaser. Carlos Ramirez hi th bright idea of increasing hanging space by using an endless corrugated board which wniflt dered through the room in a smooth chronological development. The customary p graphs of exhibitors were replaced by self-portraits that ranged from manipulated p >tot graphy to pure abstraction. And the fact that members were asked to enter specimi s uaaft their early work lent the show a certain historical significance. The Alliance Graphique Internationale (AGI) was founded in 19 51It originated th: i t the close friendship of five internationally known graphic designersFritz Bühkja Donald Brun from Switzerland, Jacques Nathan-Garamond, Jean Colin and Jean bat b Le Doux from France. They jointly believed that there must be many graphic art s ii c IB.

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