1ère Triennale de l'étiquette de vin BERNER KUNSTWOCHEN JUNI 1970 Turandot a Opernhaus Zürich 6) Poster for an exhibition in Basle about the city of Prague. Grey shades. 7) Poster for an exhibition on the medical professions in Berne. 8) Poster for a local newspaper. One (blue) eye of the lion is a globe. 9) Poster for an exhibition about Swiss federal art scholarships. Two reds. 10) Poster for an arts festival in Berne. Red hand and face. 11) Poster for a children's traffic playground in Basle. 12) Poster for an art exhibition in Basle. White, glossy and mat brown. 13) 'For our brothers.' Poster for a Swiss movement in aid of the develop ing nations. Black and white. 14) Poster for a 'triennale of the wine label' as part of a campaign organized by Swiss designers' associations. Polychrome on black ground. 15) Poster for performances in the Zurich Opera House. 16) Poster for an exhibition about Zurich. Olive lion on lavender ground. 17) Poster for a performance of a Brecht play in Berne. Black and taupe. 18) 'It's much better with a glass of wine.' Large poster for Swiss wines. AussteBung derPrager for staatlicte Deofcmalpftege und fteturschutt Dan» m cadra da taction "giaphiame d «uJouKttwi* do la comm mud 1 urvHité da travail daa aaaooatlona auian»» da «rapNtlai ilk Puly 1 Ausstellung Eidgenössisches Kunststipendium jssTs-irsSTscrmK Nurm«ta, Spin., StetnhoH. Kapo»,, Zartna» 514

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