American doesn't care what your baggage weighs. American Airlines Gage might suggest an ad on the airline's reservations computer. This assures that a passenger's seat will not be sold to somebody else. Gage might say, 'What happens when you turn up and your seat is sold?' Saxon would turn this over in his mind, pick up a layout pad, and there we were. One businessman sitting in another businessman's lap. I would then contribute a headline: 'Our motto: 124 tickets, 124 seats.' The heart of these ads was the cartoon. We wrote the copy to use the humour in the cartoon. We thought we would be fools to use Saxon and then drop the humour once people began to read. That would be like using a gold mine to park your car in. Saxon was so quick and intuitive that we decided to use his work on television. This turned out to be a problem. Saxon's work is not a hard- and-fast single-line drawing. It is a suggestion. The first studio we went to turned Saxon's drawings into Mickey Mouse. I think that studio tried five times and still did not understand. We saw five pencil-tests, about 10 seconds long. It was not Saxon. We turned to another studio. They not only understoodthey asked Saxon to pro vide them with endless 'pivot' drawings, the turn of an arm, the change of an expression. I am not sure, but I think Saxon did 1 zoo of these pivot drawings. One of these commercials, I believe, won the gold medal at the Cannes Film Festival. An organization called UN we believe asked us to contribute a booklet to promote the UN. Saxon agreed to work with us. The approach we hit on was a failure. We took the main complaints that Americans had about the UN and depicted the type of person and the words he would use. This organization had produced a number of booklets in the past. This was the first that was controversial. Young people seemed to love it. Older people did not think it was dignified. To my knowledge, this was the only booklet on the UN that got any reaction at all. Saxon's ideas seem to come out of some bottomless spring. There is no end to them. He is slower in the finished work. The final drawing is the one he selects from, perhaps, twenty. No one but Saxon sees the ones he has rejected. They are done in the middle of the night. 4)—9) Advertisements from a large campaign for American Airlineshere on the subjects of dis appearing stewardesses, fan-jets, seat reservations, baggage handling and advertising agencies. AgencyDoyle Dane Bernbach. Art DirectorBob Gage. 4)-'9) Inserate aus einer grossen Kampagne für American Airlineshier über verschwundene Stewardessen, Fan-Jet-Flugzeuge, Platzreservationen, Gepackabfertigung und Werbeagenturen. Agentur: Doyle Dane Bernbach. Art Director: Bob Gage. 4)—9) Annonces d'une vaste campagne pour la compagnie de navigation aérienne American Air linesici sur les sujets des hótesses qui disparaissent, des fan-jets, de la réservation des places, de la manutention des bagages et des agences de publicité. AgenceDoyle Dane Bernbach. Directeur artistique: Bob Gage. 'You're not Alice." No, that ian'l Alice. And your name the next time In fact, one or «nolher of you hts happen lo raiaa Alice Alice ian't with us anymore. And thatyou liked your coffee with married practically every stewardess (Or Doreen or Nora or "thai little And we understand the "regulars" saccharin after thai. we've ever had. (It's got to the point Miss Whoons with the red hair on her flight aren'l very happy about u And whal happened to Alice? now where we can't keep girls more Youcan'tgoon removing these girls After )ou flew wilh Alice once, she Well, if you must know, ooe of you than2years.) from the premises and still expect to remembered your face the next time. married her. So don't look at us that way if you find them on the airplane American Airlines 73 Aspartof a continuing fixation we've a DC-3 was one of the biggest planes line. In practically every major air- had about your baggage, we've asked you could get. So there's no limit to port, we now take your bags right at the C.A.B. if we could get rid of the what you can take on an Astrojet. the curb. And after you land, your excess weight charge. And they said (Well, there is a limit, but it's mainly bags reach the baggage area 7 minutes we could. a matter of space, not weight. You can after you do. (To us, this is nothing but an excess take one big bag, one medium bag. You may wonder if there is still a passenger charge and it's time some- and carry-on bags. As for weight, you charge for extra or oversize bags and thing was done about it. And most ma- can fill them with lead if you wish. 1 there is, although it's just a token, jor airlines are going along with us.) At the moment we can't think of It's the only way we could think of The 40-lb. limit began in 1938 when another thing to do in the baggage to keep out of the moving business. Charles Saxon 5 22 7

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