n American Airlines Wfe're happy u> ace people taking You might call it fatherly pndc.The Ian-jet was an American Airlines in vention in the firat place. ■gjne the mixed emo- you do take another airline, you ought iw that other airlines to ask for one of their lan jet flights on a number of fian-ieta get you olf the ground 30?l faster than ordinary jeta It'a kind of ime strange reason) impressive, seeing an airplane do what it's supposed to do. so briskly. Of courae, asking American ifyou'll get a fan-jet is a waste of time. We haven't taken anybody up in an ordinary jet in years. American Airlines ume has not always been easy. (Major airlines love ticket oflicet ill over the country. To err was it rvitable.) So we got together with IBM It \nd »ou can imagine what laboralioo like this would con with. A computer (A giant that 10 years and 30 million dolla develop We «II it Sabre.) U orues the name and address of every- bodv^on a waiting basis. it tells us you're next on the list—and And it doesn't wait until we ask. It hatges right in and tells us there's an empty seal on Flight til and to get hold ol Paul Zoelinet in Riverdale. New York There ii is. 124 seats. 124 tickets. Want one American Airlines We've taken all the fun out of waiting for your baggage The baggage area has always been the Elace where you first realized that you ad come back down to earth. (As if the speed of the jet age ended when the plane came in.) So you may be interested in some steps we've taken. First, we measured the distances you and your suitcase travel from the plane to the baggage area. Then we choreographed our baggage handlers for every step of the way. (Yes, choreographed, just as in a ballet. We even had rehearsals for timing.) Finally, we've manned our baggage crews for the heaviest traffic ol the day—and kept the same number on duty all day long. In fact, today you might say we're giving you just 5 minutes to get off the premises. We couldn't stand another advertising agency. We can barely stand the one we have. American Airlines

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