4 Renting a car vs. renting a car and a company. Hertz J!* imét CI "Never draw to an inside straight. Never go out with chorus girls. And never, never,never touch your capital." 26) 28) Detail in original size and complete double-spread ad for Hertz car rentals. 27) Newspaper ad for Chrysler leasing. Art DirectorR. Wickstrom. 29)—31) Double-spread ads in full colour from a campaign for Newsweek magazine. AgencyN. W. Ayer Son, Inc. Art DirectorElliott Manketo. 26) 28) Detail in Originalgrösse und ganzes Inserat für Hertz Autovermietung. 27) Zeitungsinserat für Chrysler-Vermietung. Agentur: Meltzer, Aron Lemen. 29)-31) Doppelseitige Farbinserate aus einer Kampagne für Newsweek. Agentur: N. W. Ayer Son, Inc. Art DirectorElliott Manketo. 26) 28) Détail et annonce compléte pour la location de voitures Hertz- 27) Annonce pour le leasing ChryslerDir. art.R. Wickstrom. 29)—31) Annonces de deux pages en couleurs d'une campagne en faveur de la revue Newsweek. AgenceN. W. Ayer Son, Inc. Directeur artistiqueElliott Manketo. When you walk up to the counter of any of the major rent a car companies, you have a right to expect certain basic things from them. If you've made a reservation in advance, you have a right to expect that the car will be waiting and ready to go when you are. £2... what you get when you rent a car. A car. You should expect the car to be clean. And you should also expect that it received more attention since the last guy rented it than just running it through a car wash. When yougetout on the road, you have a right to expect that the car will do more than start and stop. That it will run at least as well as the car you have in your garage. All of this together is what's commonly known as renting a car. When you rent a car and a company, you also have a right to expect certain things, like your reservation should be kept, your car should be clean and it should run well. But you also get things you don't expect. You don't just rent a car. You rent a company. You don't have to touch your capital if you lease your cars or trucks from Chrysler Leasing System. On the contrary, leasing frees your capital so it can work for you, wherever and whenever it will do the most good. Why not talk to a member of the Chrysler Leasing System? You'll find him listed below. If you can't come to us, we'll come to you. .Just pick up the yellow Hertz phone that's in the lobby of many large hotels and motels, and we'll send a car to you. If you're on vacation, we have tour folders with motoringtrips for almost any part of the world. This is what you get when Jj n you rent a car from Hertz. 4 A car and a company. If you're with your children or dog, we know places that take children and dogs. If you're traveling on business, we can help you with local business information. And in 28 major cities in the U.S. we'll also give you our Survival Manual. Containing every thing from local traffic laws to where to find out- of-town newspapers. In towns where there is no Survival Manual, there's a Hertz girl who can tell you all the th ings that would have been in it. And once you know where you 're going, she'll tell you how to get there. She'll give you a map, and mark down the best route. Survival Manuals for 28 major cities tell you everything that your wife would want you to know. You'll find Hertz offices in over 100 countries and more than 1000 cities and towns in the U.S.A., including some so small that about all you can do is rent a car and go someplace else. We not only have more offices than anyone else, we have more cars than anyone else to put in them. We not only have more cars, we also have more different kinds of cars than anyone else. If you want to drive something other than a regular Ford sedan, ask for it when you make your reservation. You can rent new Ford Torinos, Mercury Cougars, Mustangs, Lincoln Continentals and about 28 other kinds of cars. We can get you a convertible, a station wagon, a sports car, or even a truck. For all this, you might expect a Hertz car to cost more than any othei Generally speaking, it doesn't. What's more, we have all kinds of rates that are even lower than our regular rates. Commuter rates, airport rates, weekend rates, even the new 747vacation rate. Worcnf in00 places around the world And you re always Some so small that the Hertz office sure to get our lowest is the mai°r industry- applicable rate because the Hertz girl will figure it out for you. Even if you don't ask. These are things you can expect when you rent a company. An experience quite different from just renting a car. 528

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