r Olaf Leu Perrault Contes Virgile L'Enéide 1 Belgique Littoral Belgique Folklore [Deutscher Text: Seite 563] [Tcxte francais: page 565] Josse Goffin was born in Brussels in 1938. He studied graphic design at the Ecole nationale supérieure de la Cambre before going to Paris to work for advertising agencies. In 1962 he returned to Brussels and set up as a freelance designer and illustrator. His success in this capacity must be measured against the disinterest in graphic design which is still prevalent in Belgium. Exam ples of his work will be found in Graphis 144 (including the cover). An exhibition of his illustrations was staged by J. Walter Thompson in Brussels at the end of 1970. Recently he has worked with the prominent German art director Olaf Leu, who there fore seemed the best possible author for our article. Editor Josse Goffin wurde 1938 in Briissel gejs boren und studierte Werbegraphik an dej Ecole nationale supérieure de la Cambre. An, schliessend arbeitete er in einigen Parisefe Werbeagenturen. 1962 ging er nach Brüssete zuriick, wo er sich als selbstandiger De 0 signer und Illustrator niederliess. Gemessei v< an dem in Belgien noch immer vorherr schenden Desinteresse an Design ist sei® Erfolg bedeutend. (Siehe auch Graphic 144). Ende 1970 veranstaltete J. Waltefi Thompson in Briissel eine Ausstellung seiL ner Zeichnungen. Josse Goffin arbeitet iif letzter Zeit oft mit dem prominenten deutj schen Art Director Olaf Leu zusammen; der uns daher als Textautor bestens geeigj net schien. Re da ktion. GOFFIN I have always found illustrators to be friendly people, and the Belgian Josse Goffin is no exception. It almost seems that the illustrator, or more generally the human being with illus trative inclinations, is in his essence more akin to the poet than any other member of the pictorially creative professions, such as the smart art director or the cunning photographer. Josse Goffin, certainly, is a lyrical denizen of the realm of illustration, which I like to regard in any case as a sort of dream world, thus making the illustrator a dreamer with a somewhat ethereal relationship to reality. An art director or a photographer thinks in practical terms, and the more realistic his approach, the more intelligent and apposite will his productions be. This hard-edged style of the sixties and seventies - chiefly of American provenance - is in marked contrast to the thin-spun world of illustration. An art director who commissions an illustrator may easily have the feeling that he is setting himself free for the creation of something beautiful, something not of this world, something idealized and rare. Josse Goffin is one of the few outstanding illustrators on the continent of Europe, and the originality of his style first sug gested to me the idea of some European teamwork. For in what does America's artwork excel that of Europe? In its finish. Design in New York has produced teamwork of the very highest standing. By comparison, teamwork in this field is almost unknown in Europe, and certainly too little use is made of the widening possibilities that today present themselves. So here we have Josse Goffin, who is imbued with the will and the talent to play a leading part in European graphic design finish, at least in the domain of illustration. Of course he only speaks French, whereas I don't, yet we have already been working together for months. We understand each other in our work, not in our words, and in this way we manage to produce exactly the designs that we both envisage. 560 1) 2) Colour covers for booklets issued by the Belgian tourist office. 3) Poster for an exhibition of pottery. 4) 5) Covers in colour for a series of classics published by Le Monde, Paris. Art Director: Jean Louis Faure. 6)-8) Illustrations from cards and leaflets for a pharmaceutical to help patients put on weight. presentes par Marcel Aymé et suivis de "Perrault avant Perrault", textes choisis et commentes par Andrée Lhéritier 1) 2) Farbige Umschlage für Broschüren der BeHI! gischen Verkehrszentrale. 3) Plakat für eine Keramikausstellung vonP.Culotpi 4) 5) Farbige Buchumschlage für Klassiker-Ausju gaben, erschienen im Verlag Le Monde, Paris® 6)-8) Illustrationen aus Werbematerial für eirp .fomz-Medikament, das zur Gewichtszunahm^n verhilft. Art Director: Keyser. ffrsti suivi de Scarron Le Virgile travesti

Graphis de | 1971 | | page 78