1) A free 'portrait' on the thin, crinkled paper which Gamier often prefers for his delicate-hued j compositions. 2) A glimpse of the artist's studio, overflowing with collected bric-a-brac and his own arrays of. paper birds, aeroplanes and butterflies. 3)-5) From a series of fabulous creatures, all painted in pastel shades on crinkled paper. 6)-10) Illustrations from Le Livre de la Santé (see Graphis 137). The subjects are: 6) the functions'jnc of chlorophyll in the vegetable, animal and human life cycles; 7) the phases of sleep, with dreams;. ten 8) concentrations of bacteria in the urban environment; 9) the phantasms of childhood; 10) then various parasites which may attack the human body.

Graphis de | 1971 | | page 86