AB( DEF M 3 OPQ1 G RST K UVW X XYZ AK ©EU fRG G M R4SST 4" S IRU~ A WW 123 341 671 9C (89 abc dec ghij mn x pqrs 5f ttllVI/ WI/KX o yj/z International Typeface Corporation of New York presents the first in a series of new typefaces, Avant Garde Gothic, a unique sans serif for text and display com position designed by Herb Lubalin and Tom Carnase. Designed for unusual close fit i n body text setti ngs, the characters of Avant Garde Gothic are distinguished by an oversized "x" height in the lower case. The most unusual feature of Avant Garde Gothic is the extraordinary variety of designed ligatures and alter nate characters, Because of the versatility and flexibility of these letterforms, the de signer need never use the same combinations more than once in the same layout Avant Garde Gothic has five weights, Extra Light, Book, Medium, Demi and Bold. Shown in this announcement are Extra Light, Medium and Demi, now available from all ITC subscriber manufacturers. Configurations and unitiza tions of all ITC typefaces are developed by ITC artists and technicians in close co operation with the typeface designer. Creating new and contemporary letterforms for worldwide distribution is ITC's objective. Toward this end, ITC extends an invitation to typeface designers every where to submit their work to the ITC Typeface Selection Committee headed by Aaron Burns, Herb Lubalin and Edward Rondthaler. w AVANT GARDE GOTHIC X-LIGHT WITH MEDIUM i m °/G #ty AVANT GARDE GOTHIC X-LIGHT

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