is a new organization formed by Lubalin, Burns Co., Inc. and Photo-Lettering, Inc., of New York, to provide graphic communicators everywhere with a continuing flow of contem porary letterforms created by typeface designers throughout the world. ITC typefaces are available simultaneously to all subscriber manufacturers of typographic equipment and materials. Original master fonts are provided by ITC to assure faithful reproduction. ITC pays roy alty fees to designers for exclusive marketing rights. Copies of these designs obtained from sources other than ITC subscribers are un authorized, All manufacturers of typesetting, photo com position and photo-display equipment and materials, type, transfer sheets or related products may secure reproduction rights to all ITC typefaces by writing to: International Typeface Corporation, 223 East 31 st Street, New York 10d 6, U.S.A. ITC Subscribers: Alphatype Corporation Artype, Inc. Berthold Fototype CmbH H. Berthold AG Compugraphic Corporation Facsimile Fonts Filmotype Corporation Guttenberg 8c Co „KG Letraset, Ltd. Letter Graphics/Film Fonts Meca normaPolyvroom Mergenthaler Linotype Company Para-Tone, Inc.. Photoscript, Ltd. Protype, Inc. Star Parts Company Tactype, Inc. Type Films of Chicago Visual Graphics Corporation AVANT GARDE GOTHIC DEMI WITH X-LIGHT ALPHATYPE PHOTOTYPESETTING SYSTEMS DRY TRANSFER LETTERS STAROMAT, STARSETTOGRAPH DIATYPE, DIATRONIC PHOTO TEXT AND DISPLAY COMPOSITION SYSTEMS FILM BANDS FOR STAROMAT, STARSETTOGRAPH FILM FONTS LETTERPHOT DRY TRANSFER LETTERS FILM FONTS AND STUDIO FILM KITS DRY TRANSFER LETTERS UNOFILM, UNOTRON, V.I.P. DRY TRANSFER LETTERS FILM FONTS DISPLAY PHOTOTYPESETTING SYSTEMS AND FILM FONTS PHOTOTYPESETTING FILM STRIP DRY TRANSFER LETTERS FILM FONTS IHE MANUFACTURER OF THE PHOTO TYPOSITOR*AND ORIGINAL TYPOSITOR FILM FONTS 574

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