mmm i IW m?m W' J .jM MmtSB S w- v.- MmaA WlSWmBP- i Jean Lagarrigue Art Directors Directeurs artistiques: 4)-6) CLAUDE PARVAIX 7) DR. BLOUIN 8) YVES BUCLET 9) JEAN-PAUL GOUDE/RICHARD WEIGAND We're looking for men. But our Business is women. Their hair, their lips, their eyes, their complexion... their pcr- 1 desirable to us, and that we take pleasure in glorifying. Woman changes often. Very often. Our products change with her. For her. Our ur Business. And it will keep changing. I"hat's why we'te looking for men who can adapt to change, and who can adopt by tt each one of our products, if need be; who can think up others. Men who never lose their ambitions. Their drive. fume. Everything that makes them changes, too. So does the very hair-care products, w< history, our present si Because even though w e far from through growing. e already the largest European manufacturer of 1 A career where the action is, in a European company? Here are our qualifications: our ir future... Up to you to judge. And to opt (maybe) for the new fields of old Europe. 4)—6) Cover and two pages from a recruitment brochure for Société L'Oréal, a French company manuf] cosmetics. The eyes and lips belong to a face on a flap of the back cover but are visible on every page die-cut openings. Illustrations in full colour. 7) Illustration on the subject of claustrophobia from Médecine Mondiale. 8) A rendering of 'Madame Gulliver' for a publication of the cosmetics company L'Oréal. 9) Illustration picturing an intellectual for a short story in Esquire magazine. ■''A'A- -- jjj^ -y |jg^j|j|jgjjgl r ip&m 'i- -i 2A - V J* 450

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