it - i 11a 11 -a-m n -*n/iii i ui II 1! Nikon R LIFE MATHEMATICS a\\\ wSm ilïract art I want to in the field of advertising. Amy attitude to advertising work is basically Ksame as to fine art. I feel no contradiction Jreen them.' i'hen Nagai was young, illustrative posters vjiavignac or Leupin were leading in popu- aty. Even at that time, however, he admired \j Bill and Herbert Bayer. He belongs to the ;ab generation as Awazu and Tanaka, and like b|i he distinguished himself in the JAAC. I'! were in fact its central and vital elements, h developed their theories and their creativity viin its framework. Now that it has disap- xied, each of them goes on actively pursuing ïi.iwn evolution. Hiromu Hara J wmmmmmrnum OCX) SAPP0R072 469

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