'I wish Id never been ■kfe;,,,;. Tofranil PHOTOGRAPHIS '73 The fragility of the ego. when the mind is in depression. There are no safe retreats- only the thin whimper of withdrawal. Consider Tofranil, along with the total care you give depressed patients. It helps relieve symptoms of depression. Especially- endogenous depression. It may even help you bring a depressive out of her shell. imipramme hydrochloride i mamiyq/sekor Over 200,000 photographers have bought Mamiya/Sekor DTL cameras.Why? Because photography has changed and the young photographers in particular need a camera that will give them the pictures they want, regardless of how 'ftjfffpig difficult the lighting may be. To guarantee WINpII WwW perfect exposure every time you need two -|J I seParate exposure meter systems. The PySiQ 3 DTL has a Creative Switch; you flip MffcJMJj MAafK||% from a "spot" reading to an "averaging" lHIS%#%81Ws£0GIJ#a reading and take your choice. And the price is right. Today's young photographer doesn't want an expensive 35mm L.S SLR just to wear as a necklace to impress his ■jjÈÈLjSktJ friends; he wants to take pictures. When 11 he buys a competitively priced DTL, there's enough left to buy extra lenses. If you're our kind of photographer, see a DTL at your dealer today. Marketed in the its a new world U.S.A. by Pander&Hest. Inc. Corporate Offices: and die Mamiya/Seltor DTL 11201 W. Pico Blvd.. Los Angeles. Calif. 90064. is a vital part oi it 26) Double-spread trade magazine advertisement for Tofranilan anti depressant. Blue eyes, dark blue ground. 27) Double-spread magazine advertisement for a Mamiya camera. Magenta background. 28) 29) Full-page magazine advertisement, with detail of the colour photograph, from a long series for Beautyrest mattresses, which are shown in unusual settings. 26) Fachzeitschrifteninserat für Tofranilein Antidepressivum. Blaue Augen, dunkelblauer Grund. 27) Doppelseitiges Zeitschrifteninserat für einen üfaw/yö-Photoapparat. Magentaroter Hintergrund. 28) 29) «Die Ferien nach den Flitterwochen.» Aus einer umfangreichen Serie ganzseitiger Zeitschrifteninserate für Beautyrest-Matratzen, die in ungewöhnlichen Umgebungen gezeigt werden. PhotographersPhotographen/ PhotogruSstèi (w 26) JOACHIM LAUBE 27) HORST AHLBERG 28) 29) HOWARD KRIEGER Designers Gestalter Maquettistes: 26) JACQUELINE ROSE 27) JERRY BONAR 28) 29) M. BASILE/j. SANDLER 3.10/ Art Directors Directeurs artistiquesj 26) THEO WELTI 27) JERRY BONAR 28) 29) M. BASILE/j. SANDLER Agencies Agenturen Agences: 27) H. DREYFUS ASSOCIATES, LOS ANGELES 28) 29) YOUNG RUBICAM INTlt. INC., NEW YORK 26) Annonce de revue professionnelle pour Tofranilun antidépresseur. Yeux bleus, fond bleu foncé. 27) Annonce de revue sur double page pour un appareil de photo Mamiya. Fond rouge magenta. 28) 29) «Les vacances après la lune de miel.» Exemple et détail tirés d'une importante série d'annonces de magazines pleine page pour les matelas Beautyrest. 488

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