$,m"yMason 1972 Swiss Posters Schweizer Plaka Affiches suisses - :6b 11 (■yrj/mt/cTasv [Deutscher Text: Seite 501] [Texte francais: page 503] We have once more made a selection from the Swiss poster production for the past year, which is exhibited annually in February and from which a government-commis sioned jury also picks a number of posters for distinction (the award-winners are here marked with asterisks). In all 627 posters were producedthe number continues to rise steadilybut increasing commercial pressures seemed to leave little elbow- room for the inspired designer. Editor Wieder einmal haben wir eine Auswahl aus der letztjahrigen Schweizer Plakatpro- duktion getroffen, die im Februar an einer Ausstellung zu sehen war. Eine Anzahl Plakate (hier mit Sternchen bezeichnet) wurde von einer vom Eidg. Departement des Innern berufenen Jury pramiiert. Die Gesamtproduktion 1972 betrug 627 Werke die Ziffer ist in standigem Steigen begriffen -, doch schien die wachsende kommerzielle Beeinflussung dem begabten Designer wenig Spielraum zu belassen. Redaktion Nous présentons une fois de plus une sélection de l'exposition annuelle de l'affiche suisse. Un jury désigné par le gouvernement en a choisi quelques-unes auxquelles a été décerné une mention d'honneur (les lauréats sont marqués d'un astérisque). 627 affiches ont été réalisées au cours de l'année passée - nombre toujours croissant mais il semble que la pression du milieu commercial restreint encore davantage la liberté du designer. Ea Redaction The Swiss posters honoured annually by the official jury or reproduced in these pages are only the tip of the iceberg. What the jury really sees is the iceberg as a wholeand that is a very different story. There was a time when the Swiss poster enjoyed the highest of re putations. Only a year or two ago critics were still saying that, while the really outstanding achievements were now few and far between, the general standard was still surprisingly high. It would be difficult to substantiate such a statement today. Of course it is legitimate to ask what other country could afford to display to the critical eye not just a choice of its posters but the whole national production for the year, lock, stock and barrel. There can be no doubt that if any other Western nation dared to do thisGreat Britain, say, or France, or the United Statesthe overall showing would be far from edifying. Some other countries might admittedly come off better. One thinks of Czechoslovakia and Poland, where intellectual subtlety and graphic creativity at first sight appear to be far more per vasive; but the comparison is flawed by the fact that the main output of these countries lies above the rough-and-tumble of the market place, on a more dignified social and cultural plane. Perhaps this is the crux of the matter. In the last decade or two Switzerland has succumbed to the advance of 'American' advertising methods. The spacious days of artists' posters are past. The pressure is on, the competition is keen, and the devil take the hindermost. This situation cannot be said to have benefited the Swiss [Continued on page 528) Designers PrintersGraphiker Drucker) Graphistes (Imprimeurs) 1) GEORGES CALAME/CLAUDE DUPRAZ/Photo LEO HILBER (Roth+Sauter S.A., Lausanne) 2) NICOLE MAFFEl/Atelier maffei (Klausfelder S.A., Vevey) 3) ROLAND AESCHLIMANN/Photo WERNER LÜTHY (Eidenbenz Co St. Gallen) 4) BARTSCH, MURER+RUCKSTUHL/Ag. ERICH HÖRNER/Photo FLAIR (J.C. Midler AG, Zlirich) 5) ruedi KÜLLING/Ag. ADVICO-DELPIRE (J. Wolfensberger, Zürich) 1) Poster for a champagne made from French wines. Cork in colour on pale grevjmc I black lettering. 2) Poster for a fruit yogurt made by Produits Laitiers Lausanne S.A. and sold i; fot cup package. 3) For tinned vegetables from the Swiss Co-op. 4) 'Your health!' Poster for the Swiss Brewers' Association. 5) Pop poster for a fruit drink. 1) Plakat für einen aus französischen Weinen hergestellten Champagner. Farbi.i hr auf hellgrauem Grund, schwarze Schrift. 2) Plakat für ein Früchtejoghurt der Produits Laitiers Lausanne S.A., das li 'j packungen verkauft wird. 3) Plakat für Gemüsekonserven der Co-op Schweiz. 4) «Auf Ihr WohlPlakat des Schweizerischen Bierbrauervereins. 5) Pop-Plakat für ein Mineralwasser mit Fruchtaroma. 1) Affiche pour une marque de champagne élaboré de vins frangais. Bouchon en sur fond gris pale, lettres noires. 2) Affiche pour les yogourts aux fruits des Produits Laitiers Lausanne S.A.. vendus en quadri-pack. 3) Affiche pour des légumes en conserve de la Co-op suisse. 4) Affiche pour l'Association Suisse des Brasseurs. 5) Affiche pop pour une limonade. 496

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