What the experts say: WALTER HERDEG, THE GRAPHIS PRESS, ZURICH ORDER FORM Size 12x9% in. 792 illustrations on 264 pages, 113 of them in colour. Printed on finest art paper and bound in Balacron with full-colour dust jacket. All texts in English French German. Price: S 30.00 SFr. 99.— Modern Printer: One finds a unique selection in quite a variety of unusual presentation: book jackets, magazine covers, house organs and annual reports. These represent the more aesthetic presentation, but the overall coverage in this edition of Photographis is undoub tedly a rare treasure of the very best in commercial photography. Design International: "...Who does not seek and need new ideas? They are the daily bread of the designer. And the advertising designer cannot exist without them either. Photographic experiments - Photo graphis brings a wealth of good ideas in excellent presentation..." Publisher's Weekly: "...This 'International Annual of Advertising, Editorial and Television Photography' is always exciting, and the current volume is the more so because of a new section devoted to editorial photography. Journal of Communication Arts: .this well-known annual presents the best from the world of photography in the usual, attractive manner one has come to expect from the Graphis Press. Nowhere else is it possible to find such a valid statement on the state of the art Once again PHOTOGRAPHIS 73 strikes the balance for international advertising and editorial photography in the past year with a showing of 792 carefully selected examples. The issue will be, like its predecessors, an indispensable aid to the art director, photographer and advertising man in their search for telling ideas and for new modes of expression. Creativity has unhampered scope in modern photography, for technical progress in the field has opened up new avenues of advance for imaginative experimentation. The gap between the idea and its practical realization has thus been narrowed, and nothing need prevent a successful synthesis of adver tising effectiveness with aesthetic satisfaction. Please send me copy copiesof PHOTOGRAPHIS 73 at S 30.00 SFr. 99 - per copy postage and packing included) Cheque enclosed Amount paid into one of your accounts (see page 538 Name and address Date Signature Send this order form direct to The Graphis Press, 45 Nüsche/erstrasse, CH-8001 Zurich 443

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