Stanley Mason Encapsulating Magic: the Challenge of Package Design for Cosmetics A thing of beauty, said John Keats, is a joy for ever; but if th< h happens to be a package, there are at least ten thousand ecc gi; today ready and waiting to cry down confusion on his immort lie From now on, they declare, a package should be modest and fun^jn: c;ö< and once it has brought the goods to the consumer it should pre-'-at vanish in thin air. This may be all very well for packages containing eggs or six-indna or baking powder, which indeed serve no other purpose but to <iv the goods to the consumer. But what about packages for cosmeticsjie the package is almost more important than its contents, and sorrim re more expensive too. Cosmetics are in fact much more than mere consumer productsTh are love philtres, magic potions and lucky charms. In a world sigljg i heart out for the touch of beauty, they bring beauty to you overnht. dab of their rich unguents invests you with an irresistible radiance. Jio of their mystic essences clothes you in all the perfumes of Arabia, hi you take their vials and phials and caskets in your hand, you are va that their contents have been concocted by three witches dancing -1. light of a will-o'-the-wisp; they are full of glamour and gramary at they lack nothing-not even eye of newt or tongue of [ContinuedoWl., 1) 2) Bottle for a men's cologne by Pierre Cardin and the transparent plastic box in which it is marketed. 3) Glass bottle with plastic-covered stopper and silver foil collar for a Cotj perfume. 4) Styling of a glass bottle for a Guerlain perfume. Gold lettering. 1) 2) Kölnischwasser-Flasche für Herren von Pierre Cardin und durchsichtige Plastik- schachtel, in der sie verkauft wird. 3) Flacon fiir ein Cotj-Parfum mit plastikbezogenem Glasstopfen, Silberfolie am Hals. 4) Formgestaltung eines Glasflacons für ein Guerlain-Parfum. Schrift in Golddruck. 1) 2) Flacon pour une eau de Cologne de Pierre Cardin pour hommes et son condition- nement en plastique transparent. 3) Flacon de parfum en verre, avec bouchon en verre doublé de plastique et collerette en feuille métallique argentée, pour un parfum Cotj. 4) Presentation d'un flacon en verre pour un parfum Guerlain. Caractères imprimés a la feuille d'or. Designers IGest alter: 1) 2) SCHWARTZ WASSYNG 3) DOMINICK SARICA 4) SERVICE PROPAGANDE GUERLAIN Art Directors! Directeurs artistiques: 1) 2) ADAM GRODIN 3) NED HARRIS Agencies /Agenturen /Agences 1) 2) SHULTON, INC. 3) WALLACK HARRIS, INC. 5°4

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