[Continued fr»m page 504] frog-that might help to turn the ugly duckling into the belle of the ball. Of course this is all-or practically all-eyewash and moon shine. At best the cosmetics will make your skin a little fresher or make you smell slightly nicer than the girl next door. But for most of us fallible and gullible humans they still have a certain aura of magic. And since the preparations themselves are mostly pretty dull to look at-pale powders or sticky creams or green liquids-their aura really emanates from the containers, bottles and boxes they are packed in. This is not to say that packages for cosmetics are always out-of-this-world figments of a slightly inebriated creative imagination. They have at the same time to be artfully adapted to their purpose, for they are going to live for some time in intimate symbiosis with their owners. They have to be discreetly efficient in coralling a lip or atomizing a far fetched fragrance; in fact they have to be pleasant to live with as well as good seducers - a rare combination indeed. This is the challenge and the fulfilment of a cosmetic package designer's life. He is selling beauty, so his packages must be beautiful. And since every girl wants a cachet no other girl has got (and men are not much better), each pack age must have a mysteriously individual appeal. All this makes heavy demands on a designer's imagination and taste. Yet quite often, as our illustrations show, he proves equal to the task. Many packages for cosmetics are in fact beautifulthey have a subtle grace, an impeccable finish, the glint of luxury, a charm that makes us want to pick them up, use them, make them part of our image and our life. Fortunately the cost of cosmetics is such that there is a margin within which the package designer can disport him self and body forth these bits of flattering urbanity and mass-produced witchcraft which, if we don't watch out, ecologists are going to snatch out of our hands for ever. 508 Designers Gest alterm 10) MASSIMO VIGNEI-|«fK' 11) 12) MONICA GRI>}l3 FLOOD/HOUSE OF] H HARLEY ART DEP] <3(1 13) MARY ANN HARTRAT 14) HELEN NEUSHAEfUjy CREATIVE DEPT. in] Art Directors j Directeursuim>\ 10) MASSIMO VIGNEli/féll STEPHEN DUNNE t 'iV. 11) 12) GERALD ROS* B2 13) HARRY LAPOW tic Agencies Agenturen /Agere -i\ v 10) UNIMARK INTERNET 13) LEHN FINK PR). (X DESIGN DEPT. J fl J USA

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