COIlleSt iOf the year 1972 oaaao nnnnn nnnoc «r oooorrr lilt l§SfeJi§ votedthetype its creator ©l©l©l©l©l- OOOOOx 00000% rffffc, i*. f"f B the mecanorma super type contest1973is now open send us your creations mecanorma QQQOQ mecanorma super type Ad. Werner is 47 and was born in Leiden (Holland). After studying at the Royal Academy of Arts he worked in publicity agencies ad. werner in Amsterdam and in Paris cinu ui raiio. q At present he is working as an independent up|MC EElfjOOO designer at Amsterdam IwllW rf iwWwnr in addition to a percentage of the sales dubb*l<llk MH Please send me the regulations governing the Mecanorma permanent type contest the Mecanorma catalogue 1973 Mecanorma Narne. 78610 le perray-en-yvelines Profession. France Address 533

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