Souvenir, Avant Garde Gothic and Condensed, Serif Gothic, Tiffany, Friz Quadrata are the only typefaces used in the first issue of U&lc. They're all ITC typefaces and we've used U&lc to show them in a wide variety of sizes and weights. But you will want to see these designs in all their point sizes and in all their weights as they are shown in a set of handsomely designed ITC type specimen booklets. How else will you be able to specify these exciting typefaces? You owe yourself the full set of ITC booklets. And when you buy them we'll give you a free "Souvenir." And if you don't already have a copy we think you will also want to send for your own ITC Type face Collection catalog. These booklets will be the foundation of your library of ITC typefaces. Every issue of U&lc will introduce new ITC typefaces for use in text and display and each typeface will have its own type specimen booklet. ITC typefaces are going to be part of your typo graphic future for the decade ahead. Start your collection of them now. Souvenir may never be free again. FREE! A SOUVENIR FROM ITC. 400

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