'WHEN THEY MAKE ONE-SIZE WOME» I'LL MAKE ONE-SIZE TIGHTS: DESIGN /IND ART Dll The Thirteenth Exhibition of British Advertising and Editorial Design The D AD shows have become the permanent record of graphic design in Britain. Tested by a climate of economic recession, the 1975 show comes out well, with less reliance on the merely shocking and more concern about ethical issues, a concern that also rings in the comments of Edward Booth-Clibborn. Editor Die dreizehnte Ausstellung britischer Werbe-und lllustrationsgraphik Die D AD-Ausstellungen sind eine dauemde Institution auf dem Sektor der bri- tischen Graphik geworden. Im Klima der gegenwartigen Rezession nimmt sich die im Sommer 1975 gezeigte Ausstellung gut aus. Es wird weniger Gewicht gelegt auf das nur Schockierende und mehr der ethische Aspekt betont, was auch aus den Aus- führungen von Edward Booth-Clibborn hervorgeht. Redaktion Treizième exposition de l'art publicitaire et illustratif britannique Les expositions D AD sont devenues les annales permanentes de l'art graphique britannique. Au regard du climat de récession actuel, l'exposition de 1975 fait bonne figure en choquant moins pour insister davantage sur Taspect de responsabilité mo rale, évoqué dans le commentaire d'Edward Booth-Clibborn. Ea Redaction One of the most interesting ways in which I've seen advertisi'; change in recent months is reflected in the emergence of pub; sector or non-profitmaking advertising as award-winning work. Ti;; year's D AD Gold Award, for example, went to a harrowing film .1 fire prevention, while Silver Awards were presented to work for Chi tian Aid and The Health Education Council's anti-smoking campaign. There's no neat answer to why this change has come about, but th< are two developments that offer a clue. Firstly, the country's pub services and charities have raised their expenditure on advertising whs many branded goods have cut their budgets back. Secondly, todaf youth has a stronger social conscience than that of a generation ago. This first point is bound to have some effect on the industry's at tudes to what advertising is all about. The second point serves to remt! us that far fewer young people from British universities and art scho< 1) Double-spread magazine advertisement (full colour) for Pierre Car din tights, which are available in assorted sizes. 2) 3) Double-spread trade magazine advertisements (full colour) for Stanley forged garden tools. 4) Double-spread magazine advertisement for Mary Quant eye cosmetics. Full colour. 5) 6) Cover and page of a brochure about the Mini made by the British Leyland Motor Corp. Colour photography of French scenes. 1) Doppelseitiges Zeitschrifteninserat, mehrfarbig, für Markenstrumpfhosen von Pierre Cardin, in verschiedenen Grossen erhaltlich. 2) 3) Doppelseitige farbige Fachzeitschriften-Inserate für geschmiedete Gartenwerkzeuge. 4) Doppelseitiges Zeitschrifteninserat fur Mary-Quant-A.ugznkosmcCk. Mehrfarbig. 5) 6) Umschlag und Seite einer Broschüre über den von der Eritish Leyland Motor Corp. herge- stellten Mini. Farbige Photos französischer Szenerien. 1) Annonce double page (en polychromie) pour les collants Pierre Cardin aux tailles assorties. 2) 3) Annonces de revues professionnelles, double page: outils de jardinage Stanley. Polychrome. 4) Annonce de magazine double page pour les cosmétiques Mary Quant pour les yeux. Polychromie. 5) 6) Couverture et page d'une brochure consacrée au Mini de la British Leyland Motor Corp. Photographie couleur de scènes frangaises. Designers Ent werf er Maquettistes: 1) 4) BOB MARCHANT 5) 6) BRIAN BRIDGE Art Directors Directeurs artistiques: 1) 4) BOB MARCHANT 2) 3) CHRIS GREGORY CATHY HENG 5) 6) BRIAN BRIDGE Photographers Photograpben Photographes 1) DAVID ANTHONY BRIAN J A QUEST 2) 3) DAVID THORPE 4) BRIAN DUFFY 5) 6) ALAN BROOKING Agencies Agenturen Age nees - Studios. 1) 4) AALDERS MARCHANT 2) 3) ROE HUMPHRIES 5) 6) BRIAN NORMAN ASSOCIATES 316 "EwryxK is copying my SieksA Crayons. But tfiey can! copy my colours," says Mary Quart every woman has the same Hugh see Not every woman has the same length leg Novel thought number two A woman wno is 55" tall, with 33"hipsand slim thighs, obviously needs diBerent sued tights Irom a woman who s 5'5"taH with 42"hips and full thchs Just as obviously no standard'medium'or one- sue fitting can fit both women equally well It has to be an uncomfortable compromise tor one. the They aren't onesoe They aren't 'smalf.'medium'. .qnothe^ht. hip and thigh sii just about every site of woman F rom 4 ll'and 3lJ"hips to 4'11'and 41'hips. From 59"and 33i"h.ps to 59"and Whips. Plus everything «1 between TXIT RTAS NO onta tichts cam. Because Pierre Cardm's tights are made specifically lor your hecht for your hips, for your thghs. they lit as no other tights can They 14 amund the crotch They lit around the hips They 14 around the thighs And because they f4. they are comfortable To find out which of Pierre Cardm's tights fit you exactly, use the 'Cardinoscope' that you lind in every store that sells Pierre Cardin lights (There's a store list on this page) The 'Cardmoscope'IS an ingenious little wheel hDmMSwementsa$UterT*nte 0utSK)t All you do IS turn the wheel until you match your hip sire to your hecht The Cardmoscope wil then show you which colour coded tights to buy lor your hecht your hips and your thghsoe for example, 4 you are 56"tall w4h 35"hips Iqvr and Slim thighs then the CardmUghts that are -16 made for you come m the yellow box Once you know your colour, you will never. .1 ever again have a problem fmd ng lights that f* .In ntf ntta aur coeu as a sutetci By now. you re probably thinking that Pierre IK Cardm's tights cost a fortune After all, they're made to (4 They're imported fir- from France They're extremely fashionable <1 They're designed by Pierre Catdm So how much can they cost' We're happy to tell you that they cost no more Jin than the better brand one sue' tights About 50p lifc lor the 17 denier About 70p lor the 15 denier IB It's a small price to pay lor tghts that rea»y ft VH .1

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