D into B won't go. DESIGN AND ART DIRECTION '75 7) Newspaper advertisement on finding the right fit in Berlei bras. D and B are two of the cup sizes. Black and white. 8) 9) Army recruiting advertisements in which employers confirm the value of an army officer training, and the attractions of belonging to a regiment are described. Gold award. 10) Cover of a set-up box for a new card game by Intellect (U.K.) Ltd. Full colour. 11) Die-cut cover for a recording of rock music by the group The Who (Track Records). 12) Record cover with an allusion to old-time ice-cream (Island Records). 7) Zeitungsinserat liber das richtige Anpassen von ifer/<?/-Büstenhaltern. D und B sind zwei der Schalengrössen. Schwarzweiss. 8) 9) Rekrutierungsinserate der Armee, worin von Arbeitgebern der Wert einer Ausbildung als Armee-Offizier bestatigt wird und die Vorteile des Regimentszugehörigen erwahnt sind. 10) Deckel einer Festschachtel für ein neues Kartenspiel. Mehrfarbig. 11) Gestanzte Hülle für eine Platte mit Rockmusik der Gruppe The Who. 12) Schallplattenhülle mit einer Anspielung auf althergebrachte Eiscreme. 7) Annonce de journal pour la détermination correcte d'un soutien-gorge Berlei. D et B se réfèrent a des bonnets de dimensions différentes. Noir et blanc. 8) 9) Annonces de recrutement pour l'armée, oü des employeurs confirment l'utilité d'une for mation d'officier et oü les avantages du régiment sont passés en revue. Médaille d'or. 10) Couverture d'une boite-présentoir pour un jeu de cartes d'lntellect (U.K.) Ltd. Polychromie. 11) Pochette de disque en découpe pour le groupe de rock The Who (Track Records). 12) Pochette de disque avec référence aux cornets de glace d'antan (Island Records). Eine der interessantesten Veranderungen, die mir in letzter Zeit an der Werbung aufgefallen ist, spiegelt sich darin, dass Werbung auf dem öffentlichen und gemeinnützigen Sektor pramiierbar geworden ist. Heuer ging beispielsweise der D AD-Preis in Gold an einen Film über Brandschutz und eine Silbermedaille an eine Anti-Raucherkampagne. Warum es zu diesem Wandel kam, lasst sich nicht pauschal beantwor- ten. Es zeigen sich aber zwei Entwicklungen, die uns dafür einige Hin- weise geben. Erstens haben die öffentlichen Dienste und Wohlfahrtsver- bande des Landes ihre Werbeausgaben verstarkt, wahrend viele Marken- artikler ihre Werbebudgets kürzen mussten. Zweitens hat die heutige Jugend ein viel sozialeres Bewusstsein als noch vor einer Generation. Der erste Punkt muss zwangslaufig Auswirkungen auf die Einstellung Designers Entrverfer Maquettistes 8) NEIL GODFREY 9) ARTHUR PARSONS 10) 12) MALCOLM FOWLER 11) GRAHAM HUGHES Art Directors Directeurs artistiques: 7) NICK EVANS 8) NEIL GODFREY 9) ARTHUR PARSONS 10) MARTYN WALSH 11) GRAHAM HUGHES 12) TIM CLARK Artists I Kiinstler Artistes: 12) NANCY FOUTS MALCOLM FOWLER Photographers Photographen Photographes: i) BOB GOTHARD 9) ALAN BROOKING Agencies Agenturen Agences - Studios: i) DAVID MACAULEY ADVERTISING 8) 9) COLLET DICKENSON PEARCE PARTNERS LTD. 10) DRAKES JARVIS WALSH GLUCK SHIRT-SLEEVE STUDIOS 12) SHIRT-SLEEVE STUDIOS Especially when it comes to measurinfl for a bra. Measuring for a Berlei bra Do you know what size bra you should be wearing? Most women don't. The Berlei Anthropometric Survey is showing that the majority of women today are wearing the wrong size bra. To the detriment of our looks, our comfort and even our health. What is the Berlei Anthropometric Survey? The Berlei survey is looking at the shape of the modern British woman. To discover, among other things, why so many D sized busts are being caged in C sized bras. And why so many A's find their way into B cups. Part of the reason is that women's shape is perceptibly changing with every decade. Yet no one knows exactly how or why. So Berlei are helping a team of independent scientists to conduct a vast anthropometric survey ofBritish women. Previously, there has only been one large scale look at women's figures. Berlei sponsored that too. Now the second Berlei Anthropometric Survey is painstakingly measuring6,000British women in 33 ways. Not only around their bust and hips, but also around their thighs, around their arms and across their shoulders. And at the same time asking intimate questions about their diet, the Pill, their medical history and their family. How we will benefit Berlei need all this knowledge to help them design more comfortable, more controlling and more flattering bodywear. Because they insist that their bras and girdles mould to, and control, every line, curve and fold of woman as she is today. And 016)? 11 need all this knowledge to help us understand our bodies all the more. Because it's already obvious that we need to know more about ourselves. Below you see a Berlei Criss Cross non-slip bra as it should look when j] properly fitted. Giving a beautiful ano 'i comfortable bustline. A Berlei Criss Cross non-slip can dc. the same for you - if you know your jf- correct fitting. To find this, measure yourself around your back and front, just under 1 neath your bust. This gives you the size a. of your frame. And if you add 5" to that1 you arrive at your bra size. So if your! frame measures 31", you need a 36* bi A guide to choosing your cup size To discover your cup size, you nov- need to take your overall bust measure x ment. Place the tape around your back j so that it is level with a point two incheski above where your breast joins the chest ;i wall. Holding it firmly, bring it around»i. the front over your nipples-even if you have to angle it downwards to do so. Your cup size depends on the difference between your bra size and this overall bust measurement. I fit is 1", choose an A cup. If it is 2", choose a B cup. If it is 3", choose a C cup. If it is 4" choose aD cup. If it is 5", choose a DD cup. And if you find all this a little complicated, you'll be pleased to know;: that Berlei is one manufacturer who still trains sales assistants to measure and id fit bras. f Luck and dice don't enter into this Tactics are a big part of this game V family game. Just up to «lx player* (of So are carrots. You need them to keep any age), each one trying to be the first you going round the board. Did we say past the post. But whether you get there this game Was ingenious? It's also very sprinting like a hare or plodding like a original In what other race does a tortoise '■v tortoise, depends on your tactics, stand a chance of beating a hare? a4 The Berlei Anthropometric Survey. The last word on women.

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