"Hear. Hear." ilL So far as we are concerned, three years as an Army Officer can equal three years at university. ss^ Urn s It W yaaaa a -a a a a a 5 a a,a iag&gji aaaa jaaaa^aAscff. BCfififififi -IT777v.^.1 1 iyi'i 1 Kill One day, my boy, all this could be yours. Army Officer THE WHO J W -A i' - 1 .f'M-t'-*- hp~<. humro, Aaoaaud Nmnpspm Group L Ouirman,CTBownngfliCo l imit. drol rod General Mro^rr I K I nel Manager, Cut .J Sldr^U, iL J &t,j- ri Sales Director, Telephone Rentals Limited -e-jtisXac/ Wa/Sm. 1 s t1 '9 t *i'. GlvnS Brok Limited Joining the Army doesn't mean disappearing into an anonymous khaki mass. What you join is a regiment, which can be a rela tively compact unit such as the one you see here This happens to be The Queen's Own Hussars. At a glance, it looks like any other armoured regiment. But to the men who belong to it no other regiment is remotely similar. It is their family and their home If you join it as a young officer you will leam its history and legends. And you'll be introduced to its customs and foibles. Before you know it, you'll be living with both, in easy familtanly. ing courses You could even serve with another army altogether, within Nato or in the Commonwealth. But between times youll return to the bosom of your regiment; to your friends and to the familiar customs and traditions. The concept of the regiment has taken a knocki ng over the years. It has been the butt of a good deal of television wiL On top of which economic necessity has forced the amalgamation of many historic regi ments and corps. Perhaps surprisingly, a recent research pro gramme carried out among young officers indicated that the feeling of belonging to a regiment was one of the things they valued most highly about being in the Army. This was true of many Short Service Officers who having completed their three year engagement were about to pursue civilian careers. As for officers who have decided to make the Army theircareer.gettingcommandoftheirregiment was the goal of them all. So what would be your chance of taking com mand of your regiment? Well, just about as good as your chances of getting the same amount of responsi - bilily in civilian life. By the time you're 37 or so, will you be capable of taking full responsibility for about 700 men and their families, plus equipment worth over I'l7,000,000? Will you develop the extraordinary powers of leadership that are needed to attune your men to any set of circumstances from active duly in Belfast to patient vigilance in Cyprus? If you've got the potential the Army will bring it out You can be sure of that. It is not easy finding enough men who arc good We hope that you're one of them and that youll give us the chance of putting you to the test. Wnte to Major J. R. Drew, Army Officer Entry. Dept. XX. Lansdowne House, Berkeley Square, London, W1X BAA. Tell him about your experience and educational attainments at school or university. Hell tell you about the next step. 319

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