indin Room fora little one ELJBEO Maternity tights Are you missing out on one ent of the cat market? DESIGN AND ART DIRECTION '75 Designers Entwerfer Maquettistes 13) CEDRIC VIDLER 14) GORDON SMITH 15) BOB WILSON 17) 19) RON MATHER 18) JONATHAN HALL 21) ALAN FLETCHER Art Directors Directeurs artistiques: 13) CEDRIC VIDLER 14) GORDON SMITH 15) BOB WILSON 16) DERRICK HASS 17) 19) RON MATHER 18) JONATHAN HALL 20) MARK WILLIAMS 21ALAN FLETCHER Artists I Künstler Artistes: 14) ARTHUR ROBINS 18) BOB SMITHERS 20) MALCOLM FOWLER 21ALAN FLETCHER Towards the end of your pregnancy, your baby and your tummy will need a little extra support. Your legs, too, are carrying several extra pounds and it's very important to care for them as well as you possibly can. Supp-hose make two kinds of maternity tights; Mother's Lib which are very sheer and flattering and Supp-hose Special which are slightly heavier. Both styles have an expanding panel which comes right up and over the baby- growing as you grow. Supp-hose Maternity tights will help to keep yourlegs pretty and healthy throughout your pregnancy. Spillers have always recognised the big market opportunities. So it isn't surprising weVe got a reputation fo11 making big brands and better products. Now we introduce Spillers Cat Litter. We've given it everything we could to make it a bette j product Better material than ordinary cat litters. Better performance: 60% more trayfuls than leading brands. Better value: up to a quarter less than the cost of other litters. Better sales: 90% of cat owners prefer it So if you don't want to miss out stock Spillers Cat Litter. It's a better product And that means better profits. Spillers Cat Litter. Photographers Photographen Photographes: 13) CHRISTA PETERS 14) IAN GILES 15) BOB CRAMP 16) STELLAKIS AIVALIOTIS 17) 19) JOHN THORNTON Agencies Agenturen Agences - Studios: 13) PLN PARTNERS LTD. 14) THE BOASE MASSIMI POLLITT PARTNERSHIP HTM 15) COLLETT DICKENSON PEARCE PARTNERS LTEj 16) DOYLE DANE BERNBACH LTD% 17) 19) SAATCHI SAATCHI CO. LTD. 18) KMP PARTNERSHIP LTD. 20) INTERLINK ADVERTISING LTD.

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