g If A T 1 V AS M I s* a 74 Is it fair to force your baby to smoke cigarettes? In some parts of the world, it's still feeding five thousand. Eight pints of beer and four large whiskies a day aren't doing her any good. British Painting'74 Hay ward Gallery Arts Council of Great Britain 26 September to 17 November 1974 Monday to Friday to to 8/Saturdays 10 to 6/Sundays 12 to 6 Admission 3op/Children, students and pensioners ijp iop all day Monday and between 6 to 8 Tuesdays to Fridays VSte haven't really come very for m the lost two thousand years In most ports of the wcrld people are still poor Still underfed Still waiting for a miracle to happen Unfortunately, the last few years haven t boen too good for miracles. So. even at Christmas, some of us go hungry while the rest of us eat. Some of 16 us go thirsty, while the rest of us drink At times the world doesn't seem a very for place docs it? If you agree perhaps you'll do something to help restore the bolonce this Christmas. That doesn't |ust mean giving the hungry food. It means giving them the means to grow it A few tractors here Some seed groin there. Somewhere else, moybe an agricultural school. None of this would be possible, though, without money And that's one of the few things Heaven doesn t yet provide. Christian Aid. Cfristian Aid.POBox VLondonSWI Giro Number 5563151. fis you msy neve i^aiu. hhv year in 1973 We made profits of nearly 32 million. Paid slightly more than this m taxes And ploughed £42 million back into the business. Thereby continuing our policy of the last ten years when we've invested over three times our profits, and that doesn't include government grants. What's more, we sold £369 million worth of exports And employed, directly and indirectly, 200,000 people Our object in mentioning these things, however, is not to get a quick round or applause Nor to pretend that we've suddenly come up with a panacea for everyone's problems. We still But we do think we've proved something very relevant at the current time We've shown how the skill of British workers, the inventiveness of British designers and the leadership of British management can combine to run a very successful business As further evidence of which, our order books are still full even in the troubled waters of 1974 So to everyone who works for us and to every one who chooses our products, we havethistosay Thank you very much for making them Thank you very much tor buying them. Ford of Britain. h'lyourdWdrcfiiWionklerifycu y feu may ncx phyvalty tann Item T> Snuff» amWmilngminiba'orheiw drinken SrtnkmSo But you kmc* cammf* akohohc najtacthwi D *13) Magazine advertisement for Elbeo maternity tights to pro vide support for the legs during pregnancy. Full colour. 14) Advertisement for Spillers cat litter. Full-colour inset. Silver award for a trade advertisement. 15) Newspaper advertisement for Ford reporting good business in 1973 and full order books in 1974. Black and white. 16) Newspaper advertisement soliciting Christmas contributions to the Christian Aid charity. '17) Poster of The Health Service Council against smoking during pregnancy. Silver award for a public service poster. 18) Poster in decorative Indian style showing the Taj Mahal, for the India Tourist Office. 19) Poster for The Health Education Council about child neglect due to alcoholism. 10) Poster in a nostalgic style for Champion spark plugs. ?1) Poster for an exhibition of British painting in 1974 mounted 7y the Arts Council of Great Britain. 13) Zeitschrifteninserat für elastische Z?fc-Strumpfhosen für die Schwangerschaft. Mehrfarbig. 14) Inserat für Spillers Katzenstreu. Mehrfarbige Kleinauf- nahme. Silbermedaille für ein Fachzeitschrifteninserat. 15) Zeitungsinserat für Ford über den guten Geschaftsgang 1973 und volle Bestellungsbücher für 1974. 16) Zeitungsinserat einer wohltatigen Institution als Aufruf zur Spende von Weihnachtsgaben. 17) Plakat der Gesundheitsbehörde gegen das Rauchen wahrend der Schwangerschaft. Silbermedaille. 18) Plakat in dekorativem indischem Stil mit Abbildung des Taj Mahal, für das indische Verkehrsbüro. 19) Plakat für die britische Gesundheitsbehörde über die Ver- nachlassigung von Kindern infolge von Alkoholismus. 20) Plakat in nostaligischem Stil für Champion-Zimdkerzen. 21) Plakat für eine Ausstellung englischer Malerei, die 1974 von der britischen Kunstkommission veranstaltet wurde. 13) Annonce de magazine pour les collants de grossesse Elheo qui soutiennent les jambes. En polychromie. 14) Annonce pour le sable pour chats Spillers. Encart poly chrome. Médaille d'argent, annonces professionnelles. 15) Annonce de journal pour Ford annon^ant de bons résultats en 1973 et un bon carnet de commandes pour 1974. Noir-blanc. 16) Annonce de journal invitant le public a alimenter le fonds de bienfaisance de la Christian Aid a l'occasion de Noël. 17) Affiche anti-tabac du Health Service Council s'adressant aux futures mamans. Médaille d'or, catégorie services publics. 18) Affiche de l'Office National Indien du Tourisme dans le style ornemental indien, montrant le Taj Mahal. 19) Affiche du Health Education Council. Thème: l'alcoolisme et la démission des parents. 20) Affiche au style nostalgiquebougies d'allumage Champion. 21) Affiche pour une exposition de peinture britannique en i974> organisée par F Arts Council de Grande-Bretagne. This is what happens if you smoke when you're pregnant. Every time you inhale you fill your lungs with nicotine and carbon monoxide. Your blood carries these Impurities through the umbilical cord into your baby's bloodstream. Smoking can restrict your baby's normal growth inside the womb. It can make him underdeveloped and underweight at birth. Which, in turn, can make him vulnerable to illness in the first delicate weeks of his life. It can even kill him. Last year, in Britain alone, over 1,500 babies might not have died if their mothers had given up smoking when they were pregnant. If you give up smoking when you're pregnant your baby will be as healthy as if you'd never smoked. The Health Education Council }2I

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