Bill Arthur Rogers ARTISTS GUILD OF CHICAGO CHICAGO SOCIETY OF COMMUNICATING ARTS GRAPHIC ARTS COUNCIL OF CHICAGO SOCIETY OF TYPOGRAPHIC ARTS CHICAGO FILM COUNCIL SOCIETY OF PHOTOGRAPHERS IN COMMUNICATION CHICAGO 74 7E [Texte frangais: page 336] Tt s different kind of city, said Carl Regehr, noted design consultant _L and faculty member of the Lniversity of Illinois at Champaign. 'Chi cago is a stud horse town. It's a Carl Sandburg town. It's a manu facturing town. It s a railroad town. It would like to have the pretence of being sophisticated. It doesn't have to be. It has its own kind of sophis tication as a city. I'm not talking necessarily about its advertising but about its forms, the kind of city that it is.I think there's the influence of Moholy Nagy, the transplanted Bauhaus, the abstract symbols which have to be interpolated by me as a reader and given meaning. That very often isn't very good communication. It looks damn nice. It's on the grid, highly acceptable for Graphis, and we are the printing centre of the world, and we put down great ink. But I think sometimes the Chicago school of design falls short of really doing its job as a communicator.' Saul Bass, who was in from Los Angeles, also had something to say about Chicago's production: 'In terms of design, in terms of communi cation, it s pretty orderly and coherent, but it lacks a certain element of outrageousness or irreverence or just nose-thumbing. Let me back up even further and say that sometimes it even lacks guts. Gathered around the table were some of the judges who had just spent their first day as jurymen of Chicago 75. We asked them to sit down and give us their thoughts, not only on the quality of the show <(T \as ist eine ganz besondere Stadt», sagte Carl Regehr, der bekannte Designberater und Fakultatsmitglied der Universitat von Illinois in Champaign. «Chicago ist eine Zuchtpferd-Stadt. Eine Carl-Sandburg- Stadt. Eine Industriestadt. Eine Eisenbahnstadt. Es hatte gern einen An- schein von Stil. Das hat es nicht nötig. Als Stadt hat es seine eigene Art von Stil. Ich spreche nicht unbedingt von seiner Werbung, sondern von seinen Formen, von der Art Stadt, die es ist.Ich denke an den Einfluss von Moholy Nagy, das verpflanzte Bauhaus, die abstrakten Symbole, die von mir als Leser interpoliert und mit Bedeutung angefüllt werden 330 What was once Chicago 4 (see Graphis 167) has now dropped the numbed its title, having been joined by two other organizations, the Chicago Film Coumand the Society of Photographers in Communication. This review of the shows of t past two years is accompanied by the comments of Bill Arthur Rogers, who was ch rr an and co-ordinator of the 1974 exhibition. Editor Was sich ehemals Chicago 4 nannte (s. Graphis 167), hat nun die Zahl itiitel fallenlassen, da zwei weitere Organisationen dazukamen, das Chicago Film cLcil und die Society of Photographers in Communication. Die folgende Ubersicf^kr die Ausstellungen der letzten zwei Jahre ist kommentiert von Bill Arthur Rogejjfer President und Koordinator der Ausstellung 1974 war. Redaktion Deux nouvelles associations, le Chicago Film Council et la Society of Phcgn phers in Communication, s'étant jointes aux organisateurs de Chicago 4 (voir GiÖns 167), le chiffre a disparu du titre. Notre presentation des expositions des deu de nières années est commentée par Bill Arthur Rogers, président et coordonnaürtle l'exposition de 1974. La Redaction but on the quality of the arrangements and the organization. We wier: to pick their brains as an aid in preparing for Chicago 76. Recordin :h: judges' comments during and after the jurying of Chicago 74 had üc off handsomely in the planning of Chicago 7 5The system of using iLr disciplinary panels to judge all entries rather than having designers j ,g£ design, photographers photography, etc., was tried in Chicago 74k the jury was overwhelmingly in favour of it. So, highly refined and brer organized in Chicago 7 5the interdisciplinary approach may prove fbe a tradition of the Chicago shows. Another tradition has survived eight exhibitions so far, in spite o h: news media's plea for a set of winners on which to hang their sto:s. There s nothing to say, they have told us, 'if there's no winner.'.tit each Chicago show committee has fought the battle and the traditioifk held. There will be no best of show, no best of category, no betel anything. The honour lies in being in the show, period. Members of Chicago's communicating arts like it that way and 1 been very supportive of the shows, while agencies generally have st. Fortunately, Chicago 75 co-ordinator Gordon Hempel foresaw the e ct of our current economy on illustrators and photographers, novo mention small design studios, and wrote to agency presidents urgig their support. As a result, some 80 per cent of the [Continued on page miissen. Das ist selten sehr gute ICommunikation. Es sieht verdant: hübsch aus. Es ist nach Raster angelegt, für Graphis höchst akzepta i. und wir sind das Druckereizentrum der Welt, wo Grossartiges gelei:: wird. Aber ich glaube, dass die Designrichtung von Chicago manchu ihre Aufgabe als Kommunikator einfach nicht erfüllt.» Saul Bass, der von Los Angeles gekommen war, hatte auch etwas r Chicagos Produktion zu sagen: «In puncto Design und Kommunikattn ist es schön ordentlich und logisch klar, aber es lasst ein gewisses la ment des Unverschamten, der Respektlosigkeit oder ganz einfach s

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