This is all it takes to stop a 40-ton truck (fr& I 1 [§J When things get you down, think of "Salmon with Sauce!' HUT HUT The Dig one is Dock1 The annual Detroit Mews football Mogazine- that into-packed encyclopedK} of fun tacts ana photos irs yours with the September 13 edition of The News How wilt the Lons do"' Which Nf I rookies win set the field on fire this season'' find the answers to these ond other questions as News experts huddle ond come up wrth soiid- and some surprising - predictions College coverage is fust as extensive, with special emphasis on Michigan. Michigan State and other moior Nkcrvgon irwersities Plus, you get complete schedules for college ond pro gomes and a listing of all tetevisea games to help plan season viewing1 It's a gndson packope you'i keep all season long Just, pick up the Fnday September 13 Detroit News and the 74 Football Magazine is yours at For extra copies call 222-2600 to place your order you read The Mews you know THISUTTLE PACKET CAN BRING BACK SLAVER* Heroin Roughly a quarter gram is all you need to get started on a lifetime of misery. In no time at all you can become the property of some pusher a twisted puppet with a wound that never heals. While other 'adio stations are dishing out glib chatter, the Black Giant is spreading the truth about drug addiction. In high schools, playgrounds and on the air - 24 hours a day. More than a million people listen to the Black Giant to find out what's happening. And every time we save a kid from dope, the giant fee s a ittie taller. WWI I I 1 When you're Chicago's Black Giant, you dc more than iust spin records, i77UN AM That's right, a piece of dirt. Lodged in the piston area of an off-lhc- road hauler's disk brakes, that little bit of dirt could freeze the piston actuating the braking pads. Causing a skid, or even leading to ultimate loss of braking power. At best, it would lease a valuable unit inoperable until the brakes are disassembled and cleaned. At worst, it could cause a serious accident. Of course, haulers and other heavy con struction equipment have rubber boots to keep dirt and stones out. But the boots take a terrific beating from the materials they are meant to keep out. And temperatures in the brake boot area often soar to 325°F, making heat resistance another prime requirement. If not regularly replaced, the brakes "ij soon left without protection. We have a tough synthetic rubber ca£9 Epcar' F.PDM that can withstand this punTq mem of temperature, dirt and flying stone jq And we have other problem solvJS materials. Like rubbers that take the heat of tod#! new engines A vinyl resin to coat nylon [8 polyester with adhesion two and three li v that of other vinyls. It's all imaginative thinking from BJr Chemical. For more information w rite BF.GoodV-; Chemical Company. Dept. BWI-IO, 6100 t* Tree Boulevard, Cleveland. Ohio 44131. B.E Goodrich Chemical Company tSSfiSy Artists I Künstler Artistes: s) BILL SANDERS 9) 10) SEYMOUR CHWAST Photographers Photograpben j Photograpbes 3) HOWARD SHIRKEY 4) JOHN CASCARANO 5) JAN CZYRBA 6) OWEN DEUTSCH 7) MICHAEL DITCOVE 11) JIM OBERHOFER Agencies j Agenturen Agences - Studios: 4) HURVIS, BINZER CHURCHILL 5) GRISWOLD-ESCHLEMAN CO. 6) BBDM 7) NADER-LIEF 9) 10) VAN BRUNT 11) MARVIN H. FRANK CO. Art Directors Designers: 3) RICHARD WEINERT F.R. PETERS 4) RUSS SLAUGHTER 5) DON OZYP i) LESTER TEICH MAHL CRAFT 8) DIANNE BURGIS 9) 10) JOHN SAPIENZA 11) ANDY SHOMSKY CHICAGO 74/75 332 y 1 I You've suspected II for a long dogs are beasts. AU of them They bark constantly when you're trying to concentrate on something; they chase you for no reason at alland when they catch you they beat you up. If It werenT for Kitty Salmon with Sauce, your life would be a total disaster. But at least now you have December 19 thru January 4 at McCormick Place Arie Crown Theater

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