é=J b=> Illustrators Illustratoren Illustrateurs: 2) MARVIN MATTELSON 3) JOHN CAYEA 4) R. O. BLECHMAN 5) CATHY HULL 6) HENRY MARK0WIT2 7) JIM VICTOR 8) MEL FURUKAWA The New York Times Art Directors Directeurs artistic: 2)-6) 8) GEORGE COWAN 7) GEORGE DELMERICO Photographer Photograph Pbott pix 7) KELVIN MCGOWRAN 2) Illustration from an article on Japan in the Travel and Resorts section. 3) A picnic in jeopardy, from the Business and Finance section. 4) Illustration for a report on a trip to India, Travel and Resorts section. 5) Drawing from the Real Estate section symbolizing the responsibilities of a landlord. 6) From an article on the East in the Travel and Resorts section. 7) Sculpture used to illustrate a feature on the American composer Charles Ives publish in Arts and Leisure section. 8) An illustration of the cogwheels of industry. 380

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