we give you the brush speedry Marker The DeVilbiss &3 Aerograph Air Brush leader in its field, as much a part of any studio as Speedry Magic Markers. The Aerograph Super '63 has a fully comprehensive range of ancillary products including needles, matched nozzle sets, masking film and propellant aerosol cans. To ensure that wherever you buy your Speedry Magic Marker Graphic Products you can also buy the Aerograph Super '63 Air Brush, the whole range is being marketed through the Speedry Magic Marker Division of the Royal Sovereign Group Limited. Send for illustrated catalogue of the Speedry Magic Marker Graphics Range to: SPEEDRY MAGIC MARKER DIVISION, Royal Sovereign Group Ltd., Britannia House, 100 Drayton Park, London N5 1NA. TelephoneOI-2264455

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