Jan Lenica's latest animated film Ein neuerTrickfilm von Jan Lenica Un nouveau film d' animation de Jan Lenica Boris von Borresholm UBU ROI [Deutscher Text: Seite 33] [Texte francais: page 31] Jan Lenica has completed a new animated film, this time based on a well-known play by Alfred Jarry. Produced by Lux Film and ZDF (the second West German tele vision channel), the 50-minute Eastmancolor film was directed by Lenica himself (cameraman Pierre Salvagnac, music by Wilhelm Killmayer). While most animated feature films are drawn by a team of animators from the artist's key drawings, Lenica does all drawings himself, and the film is in this sense a first-hand graphic achieve ment. Lenica believes that the persiflage of Ubu Roi can be put over more effectively in animated form, and gestures and voices have been manipulated to this end. The film, of which our author was co-producer, was made in the short space of one year. For earlier articles on Lenica see Graphis 87, 119 and 145. Editor Jan Lenica hat soeben einen neuen Trickfilm geschaffen, dieses Mai nach einer bekannten Komödie von Alfred Jarry. In der 5ominutigen Eastmancolor-Produktion der Lux Film und des ZDF führte Lenica selber Regie (Kamera: Pierre Salvagnac, Musik von Wilhelm Killmayer). Wahrend die meisten Trickfilme von einer Equipe aufgrund der Hauptzeichnungen des Künstlers ausgeführt werden, macht Lenica alle Zeichnungen selber, und so wird der Film gewissermassen zu einer graphischen Originalschöpfung. Lenica findet, dass die Persiflage des XJbu Roi im Trickfilm wir- kungsvoller zum Ausdruck kommt, und zu diesem Zweck hat er auch Bewegungen und Stimmen manipuliert. Der Film, für den der Autor unseres Artikels als Ko-Pro- duzent zeichnet, wurde innerhalb eines Jahres hergestellt. Redaktion Jan Lenica (cf. Graphis 87, 119, 145) vient d'achever un nouveau film d'ani- mation, basé cette fois-ci sur la pièce bien connue d'Alfred Jarry. Cette production de 50 mn en Eastmancolor, de la Lux Film et de la 2e chaïne allemande de TV ZDF, a été réalisée par Jan Lenica lui-même (caméra: Pierre Salvagnac, musique de Wilhelm Killmayer). Alors que la plupart des dessins animés sont l'ceuvre d'une équipe d'ani- mateurs travaillant d'après les dessins principaux de l'artiste, Jan Lenica exécute tous les cels lui-même, ce qui fait de ce film une oeuvre graphique originale. Lenica est per- suadé pouvoir mieux faire ressortir le cóté caricatural d'Ubu Roi par le dessin animé, en adaptant les gestes et les voix en conséquence. Le film, dont l'auteur de notre article a assuré la coproduction, a été réalisé en l'espace d'une année. La Redaction Jan Lenica needs no introduction to the readers of Graphis. Sis. 1 collages and posters and his animated films such as Monsieur ki A, Rhinoceros and Adam 2 have been duly reviewed in these pages. Lenica can now present to the public his latest production, aso- minute film entitled Ubu Roi. When those who are familiar with Alfea Jarry's macabre comedy of the same name and with Lenica's sarc :ic 1 pen hear of this, their hair will probably stand on end. It should be nfed here, however, that Lenica's films are not 'cartoons' in the usual s.se 1 but graphic works set in motion by animation techniques. Alfred Jarry wrote Ubu when he was a fifteen-year-old school,it. Intended as a parody on his teacher Hébert, the piece was performers a sort of puppet show in the attic of one of his school friends. Drta turgical improvements to it, and the addition of a few provocative pes- 1 ges, persuaded the famous theatre director Lugné-Poe to stage the He drama in the Théatre de l'CEuvre. It was a huge scandal. The curio came down after the very first word of Mr. Ubu, the leading charact The word was 'merdre'. That was in 1896. If an actor were to say's it S 1 on a stage today instead of 'shit' he would be suspected of the mos e- actionary motives. But in those days merdrewas enough to closu: theatres to the piece - up till 1937, thirty years after the death of 7 poè/e maudit. Then the play was performed without any hint of scarsb The director was Sylvain Itkine, the settings were done by Max Eri. juvj The name of Max Ernst is a clue to the significance of Jarry an iai fact puts us on the right scent for an understanding of his work. D i-

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