Ihre Freunde werden schnell merken,wie teuer sie Ihnen sind. 53° WHtSKII CWVAS «KMI. MR ZWOU JAHW AlTE WHISKY AUÏ MR AUE8TEN WMSKY DtSf'UtRY 8CM0TTUN0S 49 Creative Directors: 49) MICHAEL BORCH 50)—53) WERNER BUTTER 55) 56) BERTEL SCHMITT Art DirectorsI Directeurs artistiques: 49) WALTER HUGELSHOFER 50)—53) ALMUT AGGEN 54) FEICO DERSCHOW 55) 56) HANS NEUFELD MANFRED SCHWARZER Designers Grapbiker Graphistes: 55) 56) MANFRED KAMP ARNFRIED WEISS Photographers Photographen Photographes: 49) BRIGITTE RICHTER 50)—53) HORST MUNZIG 54) MANFRED RIEMEL 55) 56) BERND BLOOMENRÖHR PETER DROSTE GERD RETTINGHAUS Agencies Agenturen Agences: 49)—53) DOYLE DANE BERNBACH 54) EILER RIEMEL 55) 56) GGK DÜSSELDORF ART DIRECTORS CLUB FUR DEUTSCHLAND 49) 'Your friends will soon notice how dear they are to you.' Double-spread advertisement lm a campaign for the (expensive) whisky Chivas Regal. Silver medal. 50)—53) Double-spread black-and-white magazine advertisements from a long campaign t the Volkswagen LT, a general-purpose light truck. Each shot illustrates a different use to which the V cle can be put. Evergreen. 54) Double-spread advertisement in full colour for an Alfa Romeo model. Bronze medal. 55) 56) Advertisements from a campaign for the VW Jetta, each in the form of a quiz with a quion and a number of alternative answers shown in illustrations, here 'Who has the best shape?' and i takes the curves best?'

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