v PENTAX a n 5 >b u lq Id ib iv ol oi >iq mi ni nil With the LX, Pentax reinvents pro 35 mm. Every aspect of the LX has been designed to meet the most demand ing requirements of professional photographers. The LX lets you choose from eight different through-the-lens viewfinders - more than any other 35mm SLR - plus nine focusing screens. This gives you a vast combination of framing and focusing possibilities. "The size and clarity of the viewfinder image allows me to use it where previously I had to rely exclusively on 6x7!' - Sam Haskins Specially coated optics provide a bigger, brighter image than you've ever seen in 35 mm before. Gone are the limitations. By selecting from the various finders and focusing screens, you can adapt the LX to virtually any shooting situation. pentax O shutter opens. So the slightest tight change is metered up to the moment of exposure, and the LX is the only camera that uses a single cell system that offers totally integrated metering with all types of exposure control, including flash. The focal plane metering system keeps measuring the light up to the critical last instant The Integrated Direct Metering system of the Pentax LX ensures perfect exposures even if the light changes just as you are releasing the shutter. It measures the light reflected off the film plane not only while you are preparing the shot, but also at the very instant the No other professional system camera is so small, so light and so rugged at the same time. The body is made of a special alloy that is extremely light and strong. All key parts of the body and interchangeable finders are protected by special sealings ana gaskets. Providing added resistance to heat, shock, moisture, and dust. In fact the LX can even stand up to Arctic cold. The mech anical fail safe protects you from battery failure, should it result under extreme conditions. It lets you set all speeds mechanically - from 1/2000th of a second to "X" and "B!' So even without batteries you can go. right on shooting. Not surprisingly, the Pentax LX has all the other features you would expect in such an advanced professional camera. There's a full-information finder, manual as well as automatic exposure control, state-of-the-art electronic circuitry. As well as two new dedicated flash units, motor drive and winder, plus the complete range of SMC Pentax lenses, from 15 mm ultra- wide-angle to 2000mm super telephoto. Over 40 in all. So look into this remarkable camera that has become the new pro 35mm. 1. [O ni IB 03 ib in KÖ BV 132 IIV mm - Er**** Theiiew Pentax LX. FD-I Magni-Eyepiece A magnifying viewfinder with convenient 45° viewing angle. Adjustable diopter correction from -5 to 3, FE-I Magni-Finder Waist-level viewing plus high image magnification. Ideal for close-up photography and all situations where critical focusing is important. All data visible except aperture setting. FB I System Finder with FD-2 Standard Eyepiece. A flexible system taking any of three optional, bayonet-mounted eyepieces. 45° viewing angle for microscope use, copy work or general photography. Full data visibility. FCT Action Eyepiece Rotates a full 360° so you can change instantly from eye-level to waist-level viewing (or choose any angle in between). Exceptional flexibility for a wide variety of uses. Plus: Eye-Level Finders FA-I, FA-IW, FA-2 and the FF-I Waist-Level Finder (not shown). Cutaway view of the Integrated Direct Metering system shows how it functions through shutter release. As mirror retracts, light is reflectei into the Silicon Photo Diode from the shutter curtain or the film itself during exposure. This ensures precise measure ment under changing light conditions and even during long time exposures.

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