THE ILLUSTRATORS WORKSHOP ANNUAL PROGRAM, 1981 The Illustrators Designers Seminar The Illustrators Workshop June 3—5 June 3—12 For all those who are involved in cre ating and commissioning art for use in communication, this three-day program will feature presentations by the faculty of The Illustrators Workshop and by outstanding guests in the graphic arts. Participants will have the opportunity to openly dis cuss various aspects of the business in relaxed, one-to-one situations. The three-day Seminar sets the stage for a limited number of illustra tors to stay on for the seven day Workshop. This intensified work/ study week will include portfolio reviews, workshops by each of the faculty, and an assignment, under taken and brought to a finished stage within the week. Constant one- to-one guidance by the faculty will offer those attending a unique and memorable experience. This year the Seminar Workshop will be presented on California's Monterey peninsula Six of America's greatest illustrators, Robert Heindel, Fred Otnes, Robert Peak, Alan E. Cober, Bernie Fuchsand Mark English announce It's true. The faculty of The Illustrators Workshop work one-to-one with the students. Be one! Write for information to: John deCesare, Managing Director The Illustrators Workshop, Inc. P.O. Box 3447 Noroton, Conn. 06820 U.S.A. 499

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